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Mr. Narendra Modi, 
The Prime Minister of India, 
Government of India, 
New Delhi - 110001, 

Subject: Petition for change in the judicial system of India to save innocent families from dowry harassment & Domestic voilence false complaints.

Dear Mr. Modi,

We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest concern and fuming grievance in regards to the current social environment and judicial status of India.

I am sure as a well-educated, well-respected and experienced political leader, you will definitely understand the core essence of our point and not get disturbed by undulating texture of the agenda.

We consider you to be in the most powerful role of the country.

We are living in 21st centuary and started comparing ourselves with developed countries like America but are we actually on the right path to become a developed country. More than 1 crore men of our country are facing false dowry harrasment and domestice voilence changes. They have been pressurizing continuously by police, lawyers, media and our judicial system. They are being harrased day by day and I am sure you are aware of this fact that 99% of charges framed by wives in our country are false. We are not perfect and we can't prevent every crime from happening. There are sick people out there in this world even in our country but because of these innocent people are being suffered. Is this our judicial systetm on which we are so proud of? By acting on false complaints, our judicial system is giving birth to new criminals. 

You asked a question in United states that Google Bharat me paida kyo nahi hua. I give you answer for that. We have lot of talented people in our country but most of them are being suffered from our judicial system and want to run away from this system and country. We are busy in attending women cell dates then court hearings, how can we work in this kind of environment. We are dying everyday and nobody is concerned about husbands being murdered by 498a & DV false charges. In india, a married man commits suicide every 9 minutes. One false complaint makes whole family's life miserable. For no fault, the in-laws, especially old parents of the husband, are taken to jail the moment a false complaint is filed against them by a woman under Section 498A. By roping in in-laws without a reason and for settling a score with the husband, the false.

We firmly believe that this is the time to revise our judicial system and take off IPC sections like 498a which are being utilized against every innocent married man and his relatives. This is now a days a tax free business in our country for females and males are being punished by putting these criminal charges. It’s practically impossible to go back to normal life after going through all this. We cannot really understand, why? Would be interesting to know your thoughts on this. Like us, If it’s unacceptable to you personally, then would you mind sharing with us what has the government done to rectify this calamity in the system?

Corrupted administration, deadly political environment, ancient Laws and IPC, slow legal proceedings have all been contributing way too long to the social, financial, mental and physical destruction of way too many Indians men.


If you still think that nothing needs to change, then do let us, the citizens of India, know about that thought of yours officially, be it in a written format or a declaration before the media.

However, if you sincerely feel that a change is required, then PLEASE ACT ON IT NOW!!

Whether it’s stricter laws against false complaints or proper vigilance of law or higher remuneration for law-keepers or major social reforms…..but NOW!!!


We live in a land where there are sensible people to work on laws to Stop Cruelty to Animals, but none so sensible to introduce a bill to the parliament that passes a far more severe law to stop Cruelty against Husbands !!!!!

We look forward to your understanding this whole issue with your hands to heart and head in the balance!

We Humanly Yours,

Saket Dalal on behalf of the Citizens of India


Saket Dalal

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