Remove the encroachments of Brahmins / Hindus from the Ancient Buddhist Caves/Viharas/Stupas sign now


Hon. President of India, Govt of India,

New Delhi

            Sub:   Remove Brahminical encroachment from the Ancient Buddhist Caves/ Stupas/ Viharas

Dear Sir, Jai Bharat!

Govt is hopelessly turning blind eye to the plight of Buddhist sites and Buddhism in India. Even after continuous requests from last two and half yrs the Govt of India is fooling the masses by publicizing itself as Pro-Buddhism by declaring a help of Rupees 1000 crores (actually these are taken from Japan) for Buddhist caves of Ajantha. The fact is that Ajantha caves are already preserved and crores are already spent for its conservation. This is simply one of the example of Govt of India's show business. Govt Of India's ASI dept is scares of the officials and staff in its office, in all the states of India. There is no watchmen at protected sites and it has left many of the ancient sites to lurch for the devastation by Brahmin/Hindu Forces in India.

You should be aware that whole of India is engrossed with ancient Buddhist caves, Stupas, Vihara, Statues etc. But Govt is neglecting them so that Hindu forces (majorly VHP) can convert them to Hindu temple.

            For this reason we humbly request yourself to look into this matter and issue orders on following issues-

1. Provision of proper access with railing to all the caves:-        Buddhist caves are left neglected and inaccessible purposefully. If these place/sites are made accessible from tourist point of view then State Governments can earn a good revenue from the tourism activities. Therefore your good office is requested to direct the Departments of Archeaology, Collectors, Municipalities, CPWD, Forest etc to provide steps and railing to all the caves of Maharashtra.

2.Appointing Government Watchmen at all the Caves and other Ancient Buddhist places:-  Government is purposefully keeping the Buddhist places neglected so that the Brahminical deities can be installed at these places and the Buddhist sculptures may be deformed or destroyed. Govt of India should appoint watchmen at all the ancient Buddhist sites.

3.  Constructing small Buddha Vihars at all the Ancient Buddhist Places:- It is requested to construct small Watchman Cabin and a Small room for the Buddhist Monks (Bhikkhus) at all the Ancient Buddhist Places.

4.  Appoint only Buddhist Monks on the Managing Committee of Most Revered Place for Buddhists of World i.e. Mahabodhi Vihara, Gaya, Bihar

5. Removal of encroachment from the premises of Sopara Buddha Stupa:- As per the historical records the Sopara was the Major city for travel and communication for the sea route. there was a Vihara constructed by Bhikku Punna in 600BC having an area of 40 acres. Therefore 40 acres of Land shall be preserved for the Sopara stupa, Dist Thane, State Maharashtra.

6.Protect one of the Most Pious Buddha Stupa at Pauni, Bhandara, Maharashtra:-This Stupa is most Pious Stupa for the World because, out of 4 divisions of 40 teeth of Buddha, one Part was preserved in this Stupa at Pauni, Bhandara. It is very saddening that Govt of India has preserved a Hindu Jagganath Temple constructed by Brahminical forces above this Stupa very recently in 20th century under ASI, but left the Stupa.

7.Magathane Buddha Caves, Mumbai :-  It is requested to instruct the Collector, Mumbai Suburb and Commissioner, MCGM to remove encroachments above and around the cave. Also the family residing inside this Buddha cave shall be removed immediately. Also include this site into the list of Heritage Site/ Protected Site. Dist Mumbai, State Maharashtra.

8.Reconstruction of MANA Buddha Caves in Chandrap:- WCL dept of Govt of India, recently blasted the Buddhist Caves of MANA. Buddhist world is deeply moved by this Talibani act of Govt of India. It is requested to reconstruct the replica of MANA caves at the same place and protect them under Archeaological Act. Dist Chandrapur, State-Maharashtra.

9. Designate all the Ancient Buddhist places as Protected Sites under ASI:-

10.Corrospon with other countries to preserve Buddhist Sites in their country specially case of Buddhist Caves of Mes Ayenak, Afganistan:We earnestly request your highness to correspond with the Govt of Afganistan and Govt of China to Protect the Buddhist caves of Mes Ayenak situated in Afganistan.

11. Remove the Brahmins/ Hindus /Vishva Hindu Parishad encroachments from all the Buddhist Caves/Stupas/Viharas

12. Start recruitment in ASI at mass scale for the posting at Ancient Heritage Sites

Lastly we wish to bring to your kind notice that there are around 2000 Buddhist caves in India, but Govt of India is neglecting this valuable cultural treasure due to curtain of Brahminism (Hinduism) on their psyche. We urge and submit our very very humble request you to issue orders to take immediate actions on above issues.

Thanking you, 

Namo Buddhay! Jaibhim!

Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu!

Yours faithfully,

All the Netizens of Universe

Copies Separately  to: Minister for Culture, Govt of India, New Delhi

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