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The Honorable Chief Minister of Maharashtra
Mr Prithviraj Chavan

2nd June’2011

Dear Mr Chavan:

This letter is with reference to the recent announcement made about the cabinet’s decision to increase the drinking age limit to 25 years for hard alcohol.
While, we appreciate your concern to promote de-addiction, there is also a large set of citizens between the age of 21 and 25 years of age who have continued to responsibly enjoy consumption without causing any harm to the society. You would appreciate that in modern and progressive times, the role of alcohol is more to do with choice to use it in times of fun rather than an addictive habit. There is an increase in awareness about how to use it under control and in restricted quantities. If used excessively, it has the same effect on a 21 year old as it would to a 26 year old. Therefore, we are unable to understand the logic behind such a rule-which actually will in effect not change much since consumption will still continue. A ‘forbidden fruit’ is always sought more than what is freely available – that being the very nature of common human behavior.
We represent a segment of young adults (21-25years of age) who do not want to suffer such restrictions, which have been imposed as a reaction to the deeds of some others who can otherwise be tackled with stricter forms of checking.
Your government continuously talks about a more citizen-oriented approach in policy making, we would like to question you on the methodology used to first (A) Statistically evaluate the negative aspects of allowing those below 25 consuming hard liquor as compared to those above this age barrier and (B) how many 21 to 25 year olds were consulted before such a decision was passed since it directly affects them?
Consequently, we could also come up with an as bizarre movement to stop following rules & orders since presumably corruption still exists in our police system who by the way will use this regulation as an added source of income by illegally allowing bars / restaurants to continue selling alcohol to those under 25 (the price burden of which will also be passed on to us !).
Honorable Chief Minister, we would appreciate if you dedicated your time more on tackling pressing issues such as homeland security, environment, corruption and improving the efficiency of the governments functioning rather than regularly come up with such uncalled for rules that will only tarnish your reputation amongst the next generation.
This petition therefore is to request you to reconsider your decision to disallow sale of liquor to those under 25 and work more towards creating rules that will curb and check those who commit acts of disgrace under the effects of alcohol irrespective of age.
This time Sir, we will equip innovative and modern forms of expressing our anguish that am sure will compel you to realize that ‘youth empowerment’ is more than just an exciting political phrase often used in electoral speeches but can actually counter erroneous acts of the government.

Yes, we know that you too will have a point of view and therefore requesting a meeting with you to discuss the same.

On behalf of the undersigned,

Samyak S.Chakrabarty
Managing Director
Electronic Youth Media Group

7th Floor, Dreamland Apartments
Ambedkar Road
Khar West
Mumbai 400052

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