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Next President: Let There be a Common Man

1. As the incumbent President, Patibha Patil demits office in the month of July, the question of next Presidential candidate is probably in the mind of every citizen of this country. We have been hearing two prominent names- Pranab Mukherjee and Hamid Ansari as the front runners for the presidential race. But one cannot rule out Farooq Abdulla or SY Quraishi are also in consideration with the minority cards. Probably this may be the reason for the high command is indecisive in declaring a name. But in such situations there are chances for surprises. If such surprises become sure probabilities, the nation should be careful to avoid repetition of the example of Pratibha Patil, as happened in 2007.

2. Now India has come to a stage where in the exalted post of President would always be looked up, not only as a nominee of the ruling politicians but as the constitutional head , due to the dangerous coalition politics being thrust on this country by the parochial regional, communal and religious forces. Besides, the external and internal threat to security and integrity of the nation is also very significant , particularly from the violent political movements like the Maoists and other secessionist groups. The requirement of giving representation to various sections of the society through the post of Presidency also must not be allowed to over weigh in the current scenario. The meritorious candidates deserving nomination, regardless of region, religion and other sectarian considerations, should alone be the essential approach.

3 The elevation of the present finance Minister, Pranab Mukherjee as a prospective president is fraught with certain inherent disadvantages - both to Indian National Congress and to the nation as a whole. Pranab Mukherjee is an efficient administrator with proven record and handled several important portfolios very successfully. He is still considered to be an active and non corrupt politician who is not very old to switch over. His ability to control the coalition politics, which is emerging as certain as any other reality, is an important fact which cannot be over looked. Now moving Pranab Mukherjee to the post of President would also open the floodgate of prime minister’s office to less eligible or unacceptable leaders. Therefore this prospects has to be viewed with skepticism. Under the present scenario, it will be wiser of the Congress to keep Mukherjee as a reserve and sure candidate for the prime minister. The post of president could be filled by an apolitical person or by a leader who has exhausted his abilities as a politician
4 . However in such opportunities are normally exploited by ‘dark horses’ by taking advantage of the lack of consensus in the ruling party and its allies. In order to curb such eventualities under exploitation, the nation should think about worthwhile alternatives, by considering people like Colonel Suresh Patil, who is totally dedicated for the betterment of the society: particularly the marginalized. Patil hails from Pune and works for 17 hours a day for all the 365 days in his relentless efforts for the betterment of people around him.

5. His day starts hours before the sun rise, beginning with watering of trees and plants, offering grains to the birds as he being a nature/animal/birds lover. He created a bird sanctuary converting 170 acres of waste land – creating 35 ponds and planting over one lakh trees. Similarly he developed a sewage ridden Nallha(drain) into a landscaped garden/biodiversity park in Pune, which has become role model for the rest of the country. This brought him several national and international honors and was invited for several environment seminars including ‘Rio-summit’ held at Brazil.

6. Suresh also successfully conducted the NCC youth exchange program at Canada, even to the extreme appreciation of the Canadians. This simple human being is totally dedicated to the various tasks which he under takes and pursue them to conclusive finality, benefitting millions. His key result areas are Eco-restoration, youth development, communal harmony, consistent fight against social evils, protecting the down trodden citizens.

7. Unfortunately in this country there is no direct representation of the people in the presidential elections as the process seems to be more of monarchial remnants from the British era. Now our leaders should realize and understand the feelings of the common man. They in fact, want one among them to be their president where in they can find honesty, sincerity, commitment, empathy, accessibility. Millions of ex-service men are living in perpetual dismay and disappointment as they are not being heard by the government- especially when their Supreme Commander refused to give an audience. This indeed created a disconnect between the army veterans and the government. It is high time for the government to make up this confidence deficit. It is true that every body is stressing on a consensus candidate. Will it ever happen in this country due its coalition compulsions? So let us try a man like Suresh Patil – apolitical, but not a grabber only a giver !!!. This war wounded soldier ( in 1971 Indo-Pak conflict) also donated his ancestral farm land at Karad to the landless farmers. He does not possess any personal or hidden property. He could recently muster in thousands of people to support his cause – preventing the grabbing of defence land by Pratibha Patil. Human /leadership qualities such as motivational abilities, dynamism, communication empathy etc are the factors making Suresh Patil endeared to the common man.

Jai Hind

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