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- When Indian women have particular rights ...Why not men can have them?

- Is women a disabled?

- When both of them has the same two eyes, two ears, 2 hands n legs. What creates difference between men and women?

- When a woman is going into roads for their rights why can’t men go?

- When women has women’s police station why the hell men is not having MENS POLICE STATION TO PROTECT US?

- When women as WOMENS WELFARE MINISTRY why the hell men is not having MENS WELFARE MINISTRY?

- Does Women can't walk, talk, and speak when they can do everything like a man... Why the hell is women protected by particular laws in India when a man is not protected?

-When the government is issuing some part of budget to develop women’s rights but why the hell the same government is not issuing any budget to develop men’s rights?

- When Indian parliament passed women’s bill why can't they pass men’s bill in the same way? Is our ministers not fit enough to do that if so all men please stop voting to them and choose some other who can pass men’s bill as well.

- When women file a case in police station they arrest men straight away without any enquiry but when men give complaint about women why the hell they do an enquiry before arrest.

- Why men are not protected by INDIAN GOVERNMENT when we pay highest amount of tax?

- When women got protected my sexual harassment why the hell men is not protected?

- When women say men have an illegal affair why the hell women can’t understand the affair also is done by other women. Why the hell they say its mistake of MEN?

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Men in India are subject to domestic violence, with rare police protection and no supporting governmental programs. "Men's rights activists" in India state that the police and community rarely provide protection to men who have been victims of domestic violence. Out of fear of a dowry harassment complaint, men often submit to the abuse and remain in the marriage.

• Men's rights activists in India argue that though 18,000 men committed suicide in 2009 / 26,000 in 2010 due to family issues, 7,000 more than women for the same reason, there are no governmental services for male victims of domestic violence or at-risk for suicide.

• In India, all women who die within 7 years of marriage are presumed by the Indian homicide law to have been victims of dowry death. In some cases, while the victim's husband or his relatives were implicated and jailed, some women were determined to be alive.


We need some rights to safe guard from harassing women:

- Fair Understanding of Men's (3R’s) - Roles, Responsibilities and Rights.

- Protest against incorrect representation of men in media.

- Making people aware of the fact, that Men are human too.

- Breaking the false myth of Male dominated society.

- Spreading awareness on unfair treatment by society to Men throughout his lifetime- As a child, as a young boy, as a married man, and when he is old.

- Tactics and tricks to fight matrimonial disputes and false accusations.

- Working towards lowering suicide rate of men.

- A ray of hope for improving Quality of life for men.

- Organizing Men and formation of support groups.

- Men contribute 82% of taxes to the government, yet there is no Commission or Welfare ministry for men.

- Even animals have Ministry; women have National Commission for women and a separate Welfare Ministry, Why not for Men?

- Sustained campaigns and pressurizing government to form Men’s Welfare Ministry and National Commission for Men.

- Train Men to think towards identifying various aspects of Men issues which society is not aware of and not well recognized.

- Conducting research on gender specific problems faced by men.

- Elderly abuse by daughter-in-law is rampant in society.

- Training all the men to get protected from harassing women.

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