Letter to Indian P.M-A Salute to 90% of India’s Population-The Common Man sign now

by Robby Sharma, R/O 865, Block-B,Panki Kanpur-208020.
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The Prime Minister of India 16-April-2011
Respected Prime Minister Ji
Some basic questions affecting about 90 % of Indian Citizens require to be immediately Redressed I therefore request your good self to take effective steps to redress the same which are as below:-
Ten percent of the Indians, comprising of the Government Officials, the Politicians, The Judges, The Bureaucrats and the Super rich are exploiting and devouring the dreams and aspirations of the balance 90 %, i.e. the general public. Let it be, may be it is destiny and they are not to blame but the following minimum demands need to be met, While the Government is free to decide the Complicated issues like Nuclear option, the foreign policy etc but answers to some very simple questions relating to the citizens and the socialist character of the Nation, need to be given:-

Problem -1. Crores of cases are pending in Courts, the entire Judicial system is in shambles & has failed .The Supreme Court and High Court judges often proclaim openly that the Government is not providing the Infrastructure but none of them have ever done anything to force the Government, to act. On the other hand, if two Rail accidents take place, there is demand for Railways Ministers Resignation. The Home Minister Resigns after a few Terrorist attacks and the entire Government is called upon to accept Moral Responsibility & Resign In Maharashtra and other parts of the Country, thousands of Farmers have committed suicide on their failure to manage their families. Then why can not the Judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts also own up Moral Responsibility & Resign to put pressure on the Government.

Demand -1. I seek the Resignation of the Chief Justice and other Judges of the Supreme Court & High Courts of India so that the Government is forced to provide the Infrastructure for disposal of at least 95 % of cases within six months. At least ten times the present strength of Judges is required. Instead of prescription of minimum number of Judges in Supreme Court, Our Constitution provides for the opposite, i.e. there is restriction of maximum number. I had sent letter to Chief Justice of India on 07-11-2007, calling for his Resignation, the letter is reproduced here:-

Problem-2.The Government has monopolized & usurped the medical facilities of the Country for the chosen few while the general public is dying on the roads, due to lack of even the most basic of medical facilities Now how can the socialistic Constitution of India permit this. Billions of Rupees of public funds are spent on costly treatment of VIP’s.
Demand -2. The Central Government & State Governments should make available from public funds, for medical treatment of the common citizen, the same amount as they would spend for the treatment of the Prime Minister, the President, The Chief Ministers & VIP’s in States, the Judges , the I.A.S officers, Other State & Central Government Employees. In short free medical aid should be made available to the Citizens irrespective of his or her status in life or in the alternative; VIP’s & Government Officials should also die on the roads , same as the general public.

Problem- 3. Speculation in land has become the national Sport of India & Indians, every body including Governments, politicians, Traders, Government officers, Judges & other rich & powerful persons are engaged in buying, hoarding & selling at profit, land all over the country, just like potatoes and Onions. In case of housing land in urban areas, the State itself is the biggest Land mafia. At the same time, Crores of citizens are living like animals on roads on footpaths on drains.

Demand-3. Stop Speculation in Land. The Ceiling Act, repealed in 1999 has to be reenacted. & this ceiling should apply to all towns above 100000 population. Hang those who defy the ceiling. Ban Sale of Agricultural land in the Urban areas to non agriculturists (those whose families did not hold agricultural lands at the time of Agrarian Reform Acts within 15 km radius of the then Urban boundary).Exempt developers ,with the restriction that they will have to complete their Schemes within 5 years,
Ensure for provision of minimum 50 square meter of Housing land to all slum dwellers at rates affordable to them based on the average earnings of Indians after excluding the earnings of the higher earning ten % .

Problem-4.The Government has been spending billions & billions of rupees from public funds on the Security facilities of the VIP’s, while the general public is dying on the roads; in their houses, at the hands of criminals & terrorists. All our Hindu Gods & Goddesses carry a variety of weapons, Shiv ji carries a Trishul, Hanuman ji a Gada, Ramji -A Bow, Krishna ji & Vishnu-the Sudarshan Chakra, Ganeshji & Lord Kartikeya are suitably armed, Ma-Durgaji, Ma Kali are carrying weapons in many of their arms thus the message of my religion for me & all my fellow Country men of my faith is loud & clear-Violence is a way of life for your own Protection, Be suitably Armed for any eventuality. Two Terrorists killed hundreds of innocent citizens in Taj Hotel. Had the public inside been suitable armed and prepared, then could they kill so many. The Terrorists themselves would have died at the Citizens hands much before the NSG Commando’s arrived.
Demand-4. All the adult Citizens of India should be issued, on their demand, Arms Licenses for their protection & hand-Guns should be imported from China & given free of cost to them so that they too can have some chance to protect their lives, their loved ones and their property, from criminals and terrorists.

Problem-5. Millions of Job-seekers & students are cheated by Governments by not actually sending entrance papers and interview letters but they are shown to have been sent by way of false Under postal certificate (UPC), Almost all U.P.C’s are bogus.
Demand-5. Immediately ban the UPC service of Post office and instead send all intimation letters by Registered post.

Problem -6. All the Basics of life in India namely Education, Health, Justice & Housing are under the control of the mafia out of these the last two are under control of the Government which itself is the biggest mafia in control of Justice & having monopoly over Housing Land. these basics of life are priced out of the reach of the masses. There is an all pervading sense of insecurity amongst the masses leading to corruption at all levels. Politicians and Government officers have only two things on their minds, Bribe & Sex, Government Offices and Secretariats have become Dens of Pimps and Touts. Even Military generals are accused of embezzlements in purchase of meat, eggs and rations, selling subsidized Liquor in the open market and mixing water in Fuel tankers, which is a pitiable situation.
Demand-6. Take steps to ensure that Mafia elements are ousted from these Basic services , laws are suitably amended in a people friendly manner and all the basics are available at affordable costs to all and the sense of insecurity amongst the masses is no longer there. Provide for capital punishment for corruption.

Problem -7. It is a well known fact that thousands of false complaints are lodged against innocent persons daily leading to their harassment. People have been languishing in Jails for murders of people, who are alive.90 % of Dowry & SC/St harassment cases, are false.
The Cr P C & the IPC are without adequate safeguards in them to protect the citizens against false complaints.
The history of criminal trial in India & the mind set of the Judges, brings out a very disturbing picture and that is that if a F I R is lodged, then PUNISHMENT & IMPRISONMENT IS MUST no matter howsoever, false, the Complaint may be. Because if the Police finds the complaint to be bogus & expunges the F I R or files Final report then their action is opposed by the Courts on hundreds of grounds, like by saying that police has taken bribe etc from the accused etc etc, or the investigation is not proper etc etc On the other hand if a charge sheet is filed by the Police, howsoever false it may be then no Court will interfere & will say that the Police has acted most honestly & a innocent person will be harassed through out his life. It is much easier for the Police to charge-sheet an innocent person rather then to acquit him and they are taking the easy way out. Even the Supreme Court, which frequently over-rules the Judgments passed by full benches of the Higher Courts, when it comes to quashing the false Charge-sheets filed by Police Sub inspectors on the basis of false complaints/witnesses, take the word of the Sub-inspector as the Gospel truth.
Demand-7.Amend the Law so that false Complainant is given the death penalty. The Complainants should also be subjected to Narco Analysis & Lie Detection tests. These tests should also be used to prove the innocence of falsely accused persons, just as they are used to prove the guilt of the guilty.

Problem -8. The Indian State & the Judiciary is no longer capable of making proper Laws & proper interpretation of the Indian Constitution, due to the rotten Legal education system and pro Government wrong Judicial decisions prevailing since decades.
Demand-8.Call for Legal Experts from abroad to give lessons on Article 13 of the Indian Constitution & other fundamental Rights of Citizens to the Indian Judiciary.

Problem -9.Actually the problem is that when the British made the laws in India all legislation in India was based on the principle that those implementing it will be absolutely fair & that is why most of the legislations are failing presently because the implementing agencies are totally dishonest hence if any legislation in India is to succeed then, it should be kept in mind, while framing it, that the implementing agency is most likely to be totally corrupt & therefore for this purpose necessary safeguards & penal provisions to punish the implementing Agency have to be inbuilt in the existing and new legislation
Demand-9. The Central and State Governments should insert the necessary safeguards in all Laws (in the Law itself),to punish the officers for dereliction of duty, for example if the Municipal Law prohibits commercial buildings in Residential areas but such buildings do come up then the concerned Engineers and other officers , entrusted for their prevention should face severe punishment of at least seven years in Jail immediately as well as termination of service, similarly if a Revenue Inspector fails to report an encroachment on public land immediately then he should face same penalty immediately. Provide for capital punishment for corruption.

Problem-10. THE NAREGA ACT, 2005 (Gramin Rojgar Guarantee Act) for purpose of giving guaranteed employment to the rural poor will most certainly break up the Rural households and the joint family system prevailing for millions of years due to the wrong definition of “Household” which means the members of a family related to each other by blood, marriage or adoption and normally residing together and sharing meals or holding a common ration card; Thus if a Householder is living together with say
His three sons & their wives as well as his own minor children as well as
those of his sons then only one of the entire lot will be entitled to Employment Guarantee of hundred days and if the House hold breaks up and the Sons start living separately then at least four of the lot will be entitled. Now what will this do, is, either break up the family or force them to get separate ration cards, live together but lie about it and bribe the Pradhan and in short become a thief in the eyes of the Law.
Demand-10. I therefore demand from the Central Government to make the necessary change in the definition of the word “household" in the THE NATIONAL RURAL EMPLOYMENT GUARANTEE ACT, 2005 so that it does not lead to breaking up the Households or to converting millions more (poor rural citizens), to the already a very large community of Liers & thieves which we, Indians already are. The word Household or family should mean “husband, wife and minor children only” as it is defined in all other laws.

Problem-11 Article-14 of the Constitution has to be properly redefined, If Mulayam Singh is the C.M, he pumps in thousands of Crores in to an obscure Village Saifai, which is his constituency and his Home District is freed from power cuts. If Sonia is in power, the Central Government pumps in thousands of Crores worth of projects in her Constituency, Similarly Railway Ministers from Bihar provide hundreds of Trains to Bihar, ignoring the rest of the Country, at the same time hundreds of Parliamentary or Legislative Constituencies lack the most basic of facilities. What is this? Is it not might is right, the Uncivilized ways of the Barbarians.
Demand-11. The Planning Commission should be accorded Constitutional Status and the location of all projects of the Central or State Governments above (presently 10 Crores of Rupees) should be cleared by the Planning Commission after carefully analyzing the Statistical data of various constituencies and their need. The Politicians in power should not have the power to nurture their Constituencies at the cost of other citizens, of other Constituencies. If this is not done then just as States are breaking up alleging discrimination against one region or other, there will be hundreds of other break-ups threatening the Unity and integrity of the Nation itself.

Problem-12- The Hindu/Sikh Community is being discriminated against in all Islamic Countries of the World, Jajia Tax is being levied on them, their Houses are being seized, their lives and properties are at constant risk at all times.

Demand-12- The Government of India should issue an open invitation to All Hindus/Sikhs of such Islamic Countries, like, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia etc to come and settle freely in India.

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