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Dear Hon Smt Pratibhatai Patil President of India ,

We the undersigned appealed to you to return the Army A 1 land that you have selected for your stay post retirement.

Madam documents reveal that your office has twisted facts and told half truths to cover up the manipulations in getting this land to you for use post retirement.

If you care to look at the letter written by your Secretary to the Home Secretary with a copy to the Defence secretary you will find following error.

The letter states that you have selected Pune as the place for post retirement home. Madam welcome to Pune. The letter also states that bungalow number 38 and 26 A have been selected. Dear Madam President who has given this right to your Secretary to select the plots where you will stay? The rules state that in areas outside New Delhi highest type of existing Government accommodation shall be made available.

Further the letter states that your Secretary has spoken to the Defence Secretary. Why has this been done by your Secretary. That is the job of the Home Secretary.

We hope you are aware that your type VIII entitlement ends in New Delhi. Outside New Delhi your entitlement is only 4498 sq ft plinth with additional 1065 for your office security etc of temporary and portable specification. Please note no rules talk of size of plots in the entitlement. So why has your Secretary brought our plot sizes? We are sure you are aware that even in Delhi all Type VIII bungalows do not have same size of plot.

Dear madam how has your Secretary has come to a conclusion that a plot of 1, 29, 373 sq ft is not adequate to meet all legal needs of the President. What is the FSI your Secretary has used?

We hope that a serving Military officer who staying in bungalow No 38 was made to shift residence for the sake of your palace. Is this fair play?

Madam President your secretary has clearly stated that Special Repairs would have to be carried out. Madam we hope you are aware that Special repairs do not include pulling down of the old structure?

Please see the photo to see how much environmental damage your Special repairs have done.

The secretary further goes on to state that that Special repairs and further maintenance would be required to be carried out by Defence establishment. Why should the defense establishment bear the cost of your retirement The Secretary suggests that unless there is a reason no cost would be borne by Home Ministry or Urban Development Ministry.
Dear Madam if it is the duty of Defence Establishment (Read Army) to bear the cost of your retirement as Supreme Commander after a tenure of just 5 years why is it that you have not bothered to look after the interests of your soldiers who live in slums and your retired soldiers who are being wrong pension even after the recommendations of 6 PC and why is your government fighting every case of veterans in the court?
If the Supreme Commander for 5 years service living in luxury of Raisina Hill gets so much, then please give at least 4 times more to those who have served in hardships for more years than you.

You have refused to be the Chief Patron of one of our veterans Organizations. We hope you were aware that all past Presidents have graced that Patron ship in the past.
We the citizens are worried and angry that you are setting a bad and dangerous precedent of people in high government posts to usurp Army land meant for Army use only. None of her predecessors ever asked for such a favor and were happy retiring in modest residences.

We request you to reconsider your and only your decision to stay on Army land meant for Army use and return the land for Army use.

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