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Honorable Prime Minister,

I am an SPEAK ASIAN and proud to be an SPEAK ASIAN like other 20,00,000 panelist. I am very disappointed because of our some INDIAN NEWS CHANNELS and because of peoples who are spreading non-sense about SPEAK ASIA without understanding the concept and i am not having a single clue that what these NEWS CHANNELS are getting by doing all these, is these the duty of NEWS CHANNELS to spread negativity across the country and is it like that? that the TRP increases with the IMPROPER NEWS only, and is TRP is more important than the LIVES of 20,00,000 PANELISTS.

These NEWS CHANNELS AND CORRUPT PEOPLES are only responsible for dragging SPEAK ASIA AND THEIR INDIAN PANELISTS in this kind of danger but I want to convey one message to all these NEWS CHANNELS AND CORRUPT PEOPLES that WE ARE GROWING AND WIILL GROW. THERE IS NOTHING TO STOP US.Before saying any bad thing about SPEAK ASIA firstly those people must use their mind and understand the concept of SPEAK ASIA. And if the company is fraud than you just find a single LITERATE PANELIST whose money is not given by the company.

If NEWS CHANNELS are really bothered about the SCAM and Mr POLITICAL LEADER does know about the SCAM of ADARSH Society, CWG, Hassan Ali ……. and many cases….. Why don’t Mr POLITICAL LEADER and NEWS CHANNELS and THESE PEOPLES file a case against these CRIMINALS…. All NEWS CHANNELS are bogus…They don’t show facts. All these NEWS CHANNELS want is money and DEAD BODIES on the roads and NEWS CHANNELS are only responsible for poverty of India and this type of CORRUPT PEOPLES are only responsible for stopping India's growth because of these types of people only many Indians are job less (All the matter and talks are just a base of assumption,there is no real fact and figures provided by these people. )

If SPEAK ASIA is fraud than how can the NEWS CHANNELS prove themself that they are genuine and if they are genuine than NEWS CHANNELS should show that SPEAK ASIA is genuine because the company has not done any thing wrong with their panelist and these SPEAK ASIA has given a good source of income for jobless peoples in INDIA and these company has improved the standard of living of many peoples across the country and SPEAK ASIA can be the career of many Indians and if SPEAK ASIA is fraud than why SPEAK ASIA has written letter to INDIAN GOVERNMENT to come and investigate everything.

And if NEWS CHANNEL really want to increase their TRP than show the live conference conducted by SPEAK ASIA on 15th May'11 on your NEWS CHANNELS without editing it and putting any malicious news. Today again some NEWS CHANNELS are spreading improper news which we already knew that SPEAK ASIA has already cleared us everything in advance that SPEAK ASIA'S bank account has been FROZEN but what this NEWS CHANNELS is showing that SPEAK ASIA'S account has been SEIZED so now you can make difference between the meaning of these two words and this type of things should not be done by this prestigious NEWS CHANNELS.

And what will happen if a person has spent all of his money in purchasing ezine of SPEAK ASIA and because of the news, NEWS CHANNELS are showing on your their channel if a person commits suicide because of this than who will be responsible ? NEWS CHANNELS AND CORRUPT PEOPLES WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT

I want to clear one more one thing to Media and all the peoples that SPEAK ASIA has never said that it will pay us without doing anything.

Today SPEAK ASIA has 20,00,000 panelist and by the end of this year SPEAK ASIA will have 1 Crore panelist. SPEAK ASIA has introduced YUG German Company in INDIA. YUG has all the product range of ELECTRONICS just like SAMSUNG, LG, VIDEOCON. They are offering heavy discount to all SPEAK ASIANS. If suppose there are 1 Crore panelist and out of that even 50% also buy LCD from YUG and if SPEAK ASIA company even gets 1000/- as a commission from YUG then you cannot wonder the GIANT TRUCK LOAD of profit, SPEAK ASIA as a company will make and also the Government of India. This i am only talking about 1 product. There are thousands of product which SPEAK ASIA is introducing in India. SPEAK ASIA is coming up with their own TV Channel, Mobile sector, Insurance company, Real Estate…… All SPEAK ASIANS will be part of their ventures and Government will also earn a huge revenue through taxation and company has also paid service tax in crores last month to the Indian Government.

Company has already outsourced it’s server work to IBM for 21 Million USD for an year. This contract is supposed to be lasted for 5 years.

Whoever SPEAK ASIA is , if they wanted to run away they would have not arranged PUBLIC PRESS CONFERENCE and answered the questionnaires. But we as a SPEAK ASIAN is proud of the SPEAK ASIA management who had answered every question in a LOGICAL way.

So here by we all SPEAK ASIANS appeal that SPEAK ASIA is completely Genuine and paying us very nicely and on time also and SPEAK ASIA has fulfilled all the promises it has committed. So we kindly request you to support SPEAK ASIA in every possible way because this is our life. WE LOVE SPEAK ASIA AND WE WILL ALWAYS.


Be India and Be Proud Speakasian.

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