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LCI Principles

We believe that the use of Cannabis ought to be a matter of choice and not of law.

We believe that the prohibition of Cannabis is against the public interest.

We believe that the prohibition of Cannabis contravenes our Human Rights.

We believe that the prohibition of Cannabis inhibits the use of a beneficial source for all mankind.

We believe that the legalisation of Cannabis is a very important step that should be taken to benefit the people and their environment.


That Cannabis and Cannabis products should be removed from the Irish Misuse of Drugs Act, thereby being legalised.

That the possession, cultivation and use of pure Cannabis and Cannabis products, be free from prosecution for all people.

That Cannabis be re-introduced into our society.

That high priority be given to the cultivation of Cannabis for the express purpose of the localised production of virtually cost-free fuels through the process of pyrolysis on Cannabis biomass, and as a source of fibre and hurd.

That a license for growing Cannabis be issued to those people who wish to pay the license fee, for either medical use or social use.

That provision be made to enable the setting-up of public establishments where the sale of Cannabis is permitted, under regulations.

That at least the same level of protection be given to the Cannabis consumer as is given to the consumers of other commodities: weights and measures, quality and more.

That all prisoners presently held only on Cannabis convictions or charges be released from custody without delay and that all criminal records for Cannabis offences be expunged.

Industrial Hemp
So..what is industrial hemp?

industrial hemp is a strain of cannabis with a low THC value that has been approved by the EU, and is certified by the EU to allow for plantation.
Hemp is one of the fastest growing biomass's known. producing upto 25 tonnes of dry matter per hectare per year
to put in perspective for producing paper, an acre of hemp can produce as much pulp as four acres of trees (3-8 dry tons of fiber)
its cheaper to produce then wood paper can be grown annually and does not deplete the soil in the same manner as trees.
hemp can be harvested in one hundred days with potential for 3 harvests per annum, (In Ireland realistically your looking at one Harvest per year started in April/May.)

Hemp uses one fifth of the chemicals to turn the same amount of pulp into paper and is chlorine free. (Chlorine is estimated to cause up to 10\% of all Cancers.)
its stronger then wood paper and is one of the strongest plant fibers in the world (in Europe and China, hemp fibers have been used in prototype quantities to strengthen concrete
and in other composite materials for many construction and manufacturing applications.)

so why wasn't hemp used more for paper?

well it was, Until 1883 75-90\% of all paper in the world was made with cannabis hemp fiber including that for books,
Bibles, maps, paper money, stocks and bonds, newspapers, and important documents such as the American constitution.
but Hemp uses don't stop there, its uses were and are still wide and varied from plastics to biofule there are currently over 6,000 uses for hemp.

if its so great why is it illegal to grow?

Since the idea of cannabis as a "dangerous drug" has come into existence hemp has been covered up almost completely
and since 1937 because of this, half the worlds forests have been cut down to make paper
if hemp had not been outlawed most would still be standing oxygenating the planet.
In Ireland hemp is still illegal to grow without a license, and license is extremely difficult to obtain
this is due to the ignorance of the government and there refusal to make a firm distinction between THC free industrialised hemp and marijuana.

LCI Aims

To hasten the full legalisation and utilisation of the Cannabis Plant for the good of the people of this world on a local, national and international level.

To secure the release of all prisoners convicted only of Cannabis offences and to ensure that all criminal records for Cannabis offences are expunged.

To encourage public and private research, into the many beneficial uses of Cannabis including industrial, social and medical uses for the good of all the people.

To halt all criminal prosecutions for the use of Cannabis as a social or private relaxant, including it’s uses as a sacrament or in religious rituals.

To provide a voice for those in society persecuted and prosecuted for Cannabis activities that victimise none.

Anticipated results from our proposals


Decrease in general crime rate.

Easing of the drugs problem

Increase in police and court resources to fight and deal with serious crime

Increase in Government revenue through taxation on profits and job creations

Increase in public and social well-being, spirit, health and happiness.

Decrease in pollution.

Decrease in the price of fuel and energy for our homes, businesses, factories etc.

Decease in unemployment.

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