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I am sending this email on behalf of violet_eagles and i will try to explain the situation and prove that I got banned for nothing.
On the 14th of February, i wrote 2 comments on my league message board. There were several users posting comments about the lack of fair play from user excratatius who decided to only play saglikolsun and footballkorea (users from his own country: Turkey) but not me (violet_eagles) or football_is_fun. The 2 messages i wrote on the message board were the first ever messages i wrote there, but i really wanted to express my feeling about what i thought. The messages were removed several hours later when i also got banned.
Here are the 2 messages I wrote on the league message board ... and I feel like this is the real reason i got banned:
1) On the 23rd of january, saglikolsun promised both me and football is fun that he will play us both next day, the 24th of january, which is actually the last day of the season. In the morning of 24th, he was online and i challenged him for a game, but he didn't answer my challenge. Then he left and didn't show up online until the league season was over... so he broke his promise just to win the league. How is that for a fair play?
2) I've been challenging excratarius since my 2nd season in this group league but he hasn't even been replying to my challenge .... he doesn't decline them, he just lets them get rejected by the server ... but 2 minutes later you see the playing or cup icon next to his name .... He did answer my league invitation some time ago, but he rejected and gave the excuse his internet is bad and he can't play. And I asked: Your internet has been bad for the past 2 months? and then he didn't say anything.
These were the 2 messages i posted (i tried to redo them very similar to the originals which were deleted)

Now I would like to say a few words about the things I have been accused of since i started playing this game:
1) Creating lag in games. I have NEVER created lag intentionaly. Yes, i have a worse connection than others and the ping is not always as good as I would like it to be. I tried EVERYTHING i could to reduce the latency, i just couldn't. I posted a few threads on the forum a while ago, seeking help in reducing the latency, adding and forwarding ports, closing other programs running, etc. I also talked in private with nikolazhellas and amontiliadito about all those things, i am sure they can confirm i did my best to get a better connection with the game.
I get P2P poor when doing a system test and I've tried it with the required ports opened and forwarded and with my computer connected directly to the modem, with no wireless involved: nothing was changed, same P2P poor and same ping in the games.
I also did a system test on another connection that is provided by the same internet provider, but a worse connection than mine: I got P2P average running wireless with the required ports closed.
So I ended up to the conclusion that the problem with my connection is not the connection itself, but the distance to the nearest access point... and i have nothing to do about it.
2) I was accused of scoring own goals to abort a game: Yes, I did do that one single time. I was playing an official against someone from Brazil and the ping was quite high and the abort button was always present. I tried to abort the game in the beginning, when the score was 0-0 but i was rejected. After 50 minutes in the game, my opponent was leading 4-2 and had the ball. He started wasting time in the defence passing from defender to defender, so it was pretty much impossible to get the ball, especially being a very lagged game. So I finally managed to get the ball when it was the 70th minute or so. I had to choose between trying to score (meaning giving the ball to my opponent again to kick off which would have ended in another desparate action to waste the time) and scoring own goals to abort a match that should not have started in the first place because of the very high ping. Although this is cheating, i think i made justice considering the circumstances ... I only cheated because my opponent was cheating.
3) Causing game logic error. This happened to me once and was not caused intentionally. I was running the game in full screen mode for the first time, trying to see how it works. I was playing user ramzik and he was leading 3-2 after 80 minutes. Then a yahoo messenger window pops up and I quickly try to ALT-TAB it so I can continue playing. But the window turns black in notime and there is nothing I can do about it. Don't know why it turned black and the match was aborted ... maybe because of the yahoo messenger window, maybe because I did an ALT-TAB ... i don't really know .... but for sure it was not caused intentionally.
4) Ending a game 1-0 in league. On the 24th of January i played a league match against sway_sweetway which i won 1-0 with i single shot made after 3 or 4 minutes. I had to leave after I scored the goal because i was having a poker night and could not miss it. I even have a screenshot taken from skype imperium chat saying that i might not be able to play league game that night since i might have a poker night. This screenshot was taken today, 15th of February, after browsing my skype archive until the 24th of January trying to find a proof that I really had a poker night and the match was not fixed between sway_sweetway and me.
There is actually no point in trying to fix such a match against sway_sweetway because I would have probably won the game anyway if we would have played it until the end. I can only say that sway_sweetway was fair play for not scoring goals while I was away from the computer. So the match was not fixed at all, it was just a game that ended 1-0 because i couldn't play it since I had to leave for the poker night and could not delay it.
I got banned because of the 2 posts i did on the league message board, that is the actual reason i got banned. The official reason is the game 1-0 against sway_sweetway which happened 3 weeks AGO!!! Why wasn't i banned for that then, but I was just now? I was banned on Valentine's Day, OMG, excratarius must really hate me, lol! :)))
Excratarius hunted me down because of those 2 posts I did and forwarded the 1-0 game as being the official reason for getting me banned. Both excratarius and saglikolsun are probably very frustrated that they could not win the league, even if they used that pathetic tactic to only play against each other, but not the other 2 title contenders, football is fun and me.
Choosing REPEATEDLY which users you'll play and which you won't, thus determining the league winner of every month isn' t only bad sportmanship imo, it's cheating.
- saglikolsun broke his promises to football is fun and me when he promised he will play both of us on the 24th of January
- excratarius has been giving false excuses about internet connection being bad, although he has played against other users
- excratarius does not even have the decency to reject a league challenge, he chooses to let it get timed out by the server but 2 minutes later you see him playing a match or a cup.
- excratarius banned football is fun about 1 or 2 months ago because football is fun was sending league challenges but did not get any answer to them ... always being timed out
- excratarius bans me, giving a false pretext about a 1-0 league match that happened 3 WEEKS AGO!
- excratarius is very contested for being an admin in the power soccer world
I hope this email proves that both the users are not worthy of being admins, especially excratarius who is also a MA.

There are also some other users that have complaints about excratarius. Here is what they have to say:

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