Time for Jimmy Calderwood to go sign now

To: Aberdeen Football Club
It is time for Jimmy Calderwood to go.

Under his tenure the club have fallen to depths never seen before. The defeat to amatuer side Queens Park was the type of result that sees managers sacked, however the club and fans supported him.

After the embarassment of the two cup semi-finals last season, losing four goals in each game and producing performances a second division side would have been ashamed at, Calderwood should have gone then. The Queen of the South debacle in particular showed he he was not fit to be Aberdeen manager.

However his job has never been in danger because the club feel he is making progress. They can point out that we've not finished outside the top six as if that is some sort of achievement. It isn't. We are the third biggest club in the country, finishing in the top six in a league of 12 teams is not an acheivement.

The club, and Jimmy Calderwood supporters, like to point to our European run of last season. That run could easily have been halted at the first hurdle as Dnipro bombarded our goal and did everything but score a second. We survived and went on to produce two excellent performances against Copenhagen and Bayern Munich - but is that what Calderwood receives a six figure wage for, to produce a handful of good performances every season?

If he can be cheered from the rafters for these European results, then he deserves every criticism for the 5-1 defeat at home to Celtic, the worst result in a whole collection of nightmare league performances. We are poor more often than we are good.

Four disgraceful home performances this season. We drew with Rangers but make no mistake we were poor in that game and sheer luck got us a point - had that offside goal stood we'd have lost every home game this season and deserved to.

Calderwood's signings have been poor. Its inconsequential that his funds don't rival the old firm - his budget rivals that of the every other side in the SPL. If the club's ambtion is no higher than third then at least sign the players to give us the third strongest team. But we bring in first division class signings, players who have struggled to make the grade at one club and are coming to Aberdeen to try and be re-born. How can Hibs go for Colin Nish and Derek Riordan, players who are known SPL performers; while we look for unknowns?

Stuart Duff, Lee Mair, Derek Souter. Players who were reserves at their previous clubs - signed to be reserve players at Aberdeen. Whats the point of that? If they aren't improving the side don't spend your money on them.

Fair enough, we've new players who havn't had time to settle yet. Kerr, MacDonald and Wright are struggling now but lets give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they will turn out to be good signings.

The likes of Ricky Foster and Darren Mackie have been infuriating fans for years. Is the criticism of them too harsh? I don't think so, they should admit to themselves they have weaknesses that see them make the same mistakes game after game after game, and work of them in training. How many of the Dons players are encouraged to stay behind after training and improve poor passing or crossing?

But a poor player with all the heart in the world will still be a poor player. You can't blame them for staying at Aberdeen, so would any Dons fan gven the chance to pull on the red shirt. However they shouldn't be there, they aren't SPL class and its the manager who is paid to put that right.

We have the ambition of a first division club. Our goal every season is to finish top six in a league where nine of the clubs are smaller than us and only two of them clubs have even the potential to be bigger than us.

We have a manager who does not have a clue about tactics - our team appears to be picked at random and the tactics can be guessed by anyone, never mind the opposition manager. When we're leading, sit everyone behind the ball. When we're losing, throw the kitchen sink at them. We pay six figure wages a year to this man for that tactical wizardry?

He plays players who are struggling for form. Players who make mistakes are given chance after chance to continue repeating them(ie Langfield, Considine). Players who put in a shift are dropped and never seen again(Mair performs v St Mirren then is dropped, Touzani did the business in Madrid and is then rarely seen again bar the odd outing and expected to produce like he'd been in the side all season).

He didn't start Tommy Wright v Hamilton, didn't even bring him on as sub. Then the next week he's deemed to be the first choice striker and hung out to dry. Yes his penalty calamity was a joke, but take that away and he was still a lost new boy running about daft trying to fit in with his new teammates. Don't give the guy his first start in a live tv game, give him half an hour the week before when we we're losing and needed something different.

The style of football is awful to watch. The crowds have gone and never will be back under Calderwood. He hasn't excited the fans during his reign; even had we put seven past Queen of the South at hampden and taken over 20,000 to Hampden for the final and beaten Rangers, we'd still have seen the same crowds this season - just like we did after Bayern Munich. People aren't stupid, they'd have known out cup run wasn't the start of something great, it was just a cup run.

More and more games are on the tv yet we're charging more and more just for the priviledge of seeing it live. But what are we paying for? A half empty stadium devoid of atmosphere, first division standard players, poor quality football, and a manager who's time is up. £25 for that or a fiver in the pub?

Yes, we don't have millions to spend on players, however that doesn't mean we sign poor players and hope suddenly on the trip up the A90 god gives them talent.

We don't need a messiah. We need a manager with his head screwed on.

Aitken was a motivator but had no tactics. Paterson was a great underdog but couldn't handle it at a big club. Alex Miller sold good players and replaced them with no-bodies. Willie Miller tried to do too much too soon.

Calderwood is the same as Skovdahl, just with more activity in the dugout. One thing about Ebbe though, he knew when he was going no-where and handed in his resignation. Calderwood's ego means he never will - and while he's at pittodrie, the fans will stay away.

The club can't give the fans a stadium befitting of the 21st century. The management team can't give the red army a team to be proud of.

The whole club needs to look at itself. The fans are expected to turn up every week regardless of the football on show. Criticism is aimed at them from players, management, directors and the press because Pittodrie's not bouncing creating a white hot atmosphere every week.

What do you expect? If the club can't put the effort in, why should the fans? And when they do the red ultras can't do certain displays and have banners taken down. Fand are told to sit down yet the club wants them keep creating an atmosphere.

Show some ambition for god sake. You charge over £20 to see a stale brand of football in a poor stadium in cold weather. Even when that game is on the TV and can be watched for less than half the price in the comfort of your own home or in the bar, still the ticket prices remain the same.

Drop the prices, entice the fans in. There are at least 7,000 - 8,000 emtpy seats at every home game - instead of empty seats fill them with school kids. Bring these young children in every week and eventually they become fans just like we did years ago when we paid £3 to watch a game and Pittodrie was a day out.

The first step though is to realise our current manager is taking us no-where. We're just plodding along, hoping for the best, hoping we'll win games by making less mistakes than the opposition and won't be punished for our errors.

When was the last time we had a team opposition fans feared? A side that would pin the other side in their own half for 90 minutes. Now every team we face knows even at Pittodrie its a winnable game, and quite often they dominate while they're collecting the points.

No, its not the 80's. We're not league contenders and we don't expect trophies every season. All the Aberdeen fans want is a team to be proud of again. A side they can stand and applaud off the pitch. To look forward to going to Pittodrie again. To see players who can run with the ball and take players on. Players who would kick their granny out of the way just to keep a clean sheet. Give us six Zander Diamonds, four Sone Alukos and a Lee Miller and we might be getting somewhere.

And give us a manager that just might have us beleiving again.


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