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On April 13 of this year, the Attorney General's Office of Colombia attacked Senator Piedad Córdoba with absurd and unfounded accusations while she was out of the country. She was in Europe for the European Tour for Peace in Columbia and the Humanitarian Agreement (EUROPAZ2010), seeking support to promote peace in her country and a non-military solution to the armed conflict. This happened just a few weeks after she served as a mediator, securing the freedom of prisoners of war being held by the belligerent forces of the FARC.

Through the Attorney General's Office, the Uribe government has once again turned to the inexhaustible laptop computer of Raúl Reyes to fabricate ties between Senator Córdoba and the FARC. This is simply another attack on the humanitarian work being conducted in Colombia which the Senator has been working very hard to free POWs. The witch hunt tactics used by Uribe are the same and are being used to attack any movement, organization or individual which may simply oppose his war plans and efforts.

With the complicity of Uribe’s intelligence agency, the DAS (Department of Administrative Security), the promotion of human rights, the search for a just peace and political opposition continue to be dangerous activities for those who courageously refuse and resist Uribe’s narco-paramilitary war government.

We encourage organizations and friends of Colombia to sign and support the present statement. The goal is to obtain at least 500 signatures so that they can be presented to Colombian institutions and the international press.
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In the face of unfair and false accusations of the Attorney General's Office of Colombia, against this defender of peace, human rights, a humanitarian agreement and a non-military solution to the Colombian conflict:

We reject the accusations made by the Attorney General's Office of Colombia against Senator PIEDAD CÓRDOBA RUIZ on April 13, 2010, which is accused of having defended and maintained ties to the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) organization beyond what we believe is reasonable and necessary for negotiations in order to secure the release of prisoners of war being held by FARC.

The aim of these accusations is to immobilize and neutralize the activities of peace organizations in Colombia, such as the one represented by Senator Piedad Córdoba. It is part of a plan designed by Colombia's DAS (Department of Administrative Security), which includes all forms of intimidation, extortion and death threats against anyone who opposing the narco-paramilitary government of Alvaro Uribe Velez and its policy of war. Uribe’s attack on the Senator foreshadows the “chuzadas” or wiretapping scandal of DAS aimed to eliminate judges, journalists and politicians opposed to the criminal government.

The accusations are baseless and absurd. The Attorney General's Office alleged ‘proof’ was obtained on March 1, 2008 from laptop computers which the Colombian government claims was recovered following the illegal bombing of a FARC encampment carried out on Ecuadorian territory. According to INTERPOL, Uribe’s ‘proof’ does not meet internationally recognized standards for handling electronic evidence, the computers and hard drives from which data is obtained, and the chain of custody of information contained within them. These computers were tampered by Colombian authorities.

Uribe’s ‘proof’ was used to persecute and suppress many opponents within the Colombian parliament, such as Jorge Robledo, Gloria Inés Ramírez and Jaime Caycedo of the centre-left Polo Democrático Party.

Senator Piedad Córdoba has recently completed the first leg of her European Tour for Peace in Colombia and the Humanitarian Agreement (EUROPAZ2010), which has received enormous support internationally. The tour has been a success and has even exceeded expectations for obtaining support for the cause of peace in Colombia. These attacks launched by Uribe, however baseless and absurd, will not deter the senator from the struggle in Colombia or negatively impact her support from the hundreds of social organizations around the world devoted to peace and social justice. On the contrary, Uribe’s attacks will help to increase her support and strengthen solidarity with the people of Colombia.

In defense of peace, a humanitarian agreement and a non-military solution to the armed conflict in Colombia, we firmly support the policies and aims of this senator and her organization, “Colombianas y Colombianos por la Paz” (Colombians for Peace).

In the interests of peace and social justice for the Colombian people, we denounce and strenuously request that the accusations unjustly made through the Attorney General's Office of Colombia be withdrawn immediately.

With Piedad Córdoba, with the organization “Colombianas y Colombianos por la Paz”, with the peoples organizations of Colombia, and our friends internationally who fight for peace, a humanitarian agreement, and a just and non-military solution to the armed conflict in Colombia, we declare and maintain our support for change in Colombia. We endorse this statement by listing our names below

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