I have setup this petition to draw attention to dog theft in its many forms.

Theft of a dog is a crime and the police have and will continue to have responsibility for recording all reported thefts. The crime number should be issued and the theft of the dog is reported and a distinction made between dogs and property. We also belive that if all police stations have microchip scanners many more "found" dogs could be reunited with their owners immediately. Stolen dogs are freguently found miles away from home, or allowed to remain with the finder for a period of time that often goes unmonitored. Owners often live in close proximity to several Local Authorities. A dog may be found, kennelled, re-homed or destroyed before its owners have had the opportunity to search all potential establishments. If information and photographs were stored on a central database time and money could be saved and more happy reunifications would take place!

Dog wardens are in the very epicentre of this confusion! We have been surprised to learn that many do not have on line access. We believe that all dog wardens should be able to access a national database of missing and found dogs. We would encourage all Local Authorities to make computers and training available to their dog wardens, to make their tasks less complicated.

It is surprising how little people know about the law where it refers to found dogs. Many people who have had a dog stolen are expected to be comforted by the thought that someone has taken their dog in and is giving them a good home. It is illegal to take in a dog without n otifying the police or local dog warden. Local Authorities have different time limits for re-homing or destroying found dogs so it is vital that information is made available on national level, which is you must contact your local RSPCA, Dog Warden.Police etc.

Ok, my petition is to change the law on Pet Theft.
Pet theft has been on the increase. In fact it is being described as an 'Epidemic'.

Pets as well as Horses have been treated in the past as property, with the same status as a TV or Video. Because of this the Courts are of a mind, to give the defendant just a 'Slap on this wrist', that is, of course if it gets through the CPS scrutiny.

It is suggested in the new law should reflect the pain and anguish of the owner of the pet, and a provision should be made, in sentencing of the Emotional Distress they have caused.

In this country 'Theft' can earn up to 7 years, but it is rarely given. Police Officers are not trained to deal with this Crime and most list it as a 'Grey Area' as they are unaware of current legislation.

The thieves need to know that this serious action will be taken against them, in sentencing.

Our Police force needs to be updated on this type of crime, and not just brush it under that table with it's a 'civil matter' that we are more commonly hearing.


To draw public attention to dog theft in its many forms
To encourage the setting up a national database of lost stolen and found dogs
To encourage the implementation of adequate security measures wherever dogs are kept
To encourage all agencies dealing with deceased, stray or injured dogs to scan for microchips & check for tattoos in order to assist owners in their search for their missing pets and to obtain information regarding their whereabouts
To encourage permanent identification [microchipping and tattooing] on a national scale and the annual checking of microchips and regular cleaning of tattoos
To ensure public understanding of the law where it refers to stray dogs i.e. when a stray dog is found it must be reported to the dog warden/police as soon as possible
To encourage vets to scan all new dogs, routinely
To encourage all local authorities to invest in scanning equipment and use appropriately and correctly on stray and deceased dogs
To ensure that missing/stolen dogs are logged as such - not as missing/stolen property
To encourage the police to obtain scanning equipment and to register ALL reported lost dogs immediately onto a national database
To encourage the police to register ALL found dogs and their whereabouts immediately onto a national database
To encourage rescue and welfare centres to scan every dog that comes onto their premises even those dogs gifted to the centre for re-homing

It needs to be firmer and clearer and for this reason, I request that this petition is sent to my local MP for consideration but i am needing 10,000 signed petition for them to look at this.

The thieves need to know that this serious action will be taken against them, in sentencing.

Our Police force needs to be updated on this type of crime, and not just brush it under that table with it's a 'civil matter' that we are more commonly hearing.

"Dog Theft" is a Crime, when your dog is taken from the Back Garden, From your home ( sometimes if the "thieve" did not take any other items, then again sometimes they would class this as a "civil matter". But if your dog was taken by false pretences again the Police would say its a "civil matter" Too many cases now are being brushed under that table and classed as a "civil matter".

There is a new form of " Dog Theft" as this is person is falsely pretending to be a "Dog Groomer, Dog Walker, has family who are Vets and offer free treatment, or half price"

Story 1 - You seen an advert in the paper or on the Internet, the "Dog Walker" gives u a few references to check, not knowing that this could be family members, and takes your dog for a walk, your dog never arrives, and you get worried, you phone the police and the police interviews the "Dog Walker" it turns out that he's/she's saying that you have given the dog to them, or they paid you for the dog, again its a civil matter. Even if you have the paperwork or KC registered the dog it still means its not a Crime, again you need proof and evidence to back up everything that you say.

Story 2- A dog was being imported from romania, the person who is requiring the dog, paid for all travel costs, importing costs etc, the dog had gone missing in transit. Again with clear evidence, this would be a "civil matter".

If you are not giving your dog away to another buyer, or selling your dog be clear on what you are doing, as this dog could be sold into the wrong hands. Again if you had been approached by a person claiming to be a Dog Groomer, or Dog Walker always ask for references, make sure they come highly recommended, check for any awards and national certificates, and check these with the relevant colleges. Never under any circumstances let you go dog go with a complete stranger.

If however, you haven't done these checks, make sure you have some evidence, contact telephone, an address of the person, witnesses, and something hand written off the person, ie reciept, quote on headed paper. etc. Your pet if your family member, you wouldn't give your child to a stranger.

The Reason for our Group page - Is similar things has happened to the members of this group our dogs was aquired by false pretences. And we have named and Shamed the guy who done this, and we are trying to put a stop to it happenening to others. And not just this guy but others this is happening to.
We also use the group for generally missing dogs, ie been taken from the garden, off the lead, while walking, or ran after another animal while off the lead etc. So far we are generate Nationwide links to find missing dogs, and so far out of this we have 1 dog reunited with there owners.
We also offer advice on what to do when there dog has gone missing.

Now we have been notified that our Facebook Group is trying to be closed down by the guy we names and shamed, for being a dog theif , ok in the eyes of the Police Force they won't do anything, but we know he must be stopped as not to happen to other people.

And we want to continue.

When you sign our petition, please do not name and shame anyone on this, this petition is to keep our facebook group open, and to continue to help others.

We need as many signuators as possible, so that this could be forwarded to Facebook managers.

Thank you for all your support.

Our Group -

If others feel that its inappropriate then please send admin your comments and we will take into account everything that has been said and do our utter best to make changes.

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