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It has become clear over recent times that the board of Tottenham Hotspur are seriously considering a potential move to the Olympic Stadium Site in Stratford as an alternative to the redevelopment of White Hart Lane and remaining in Tottenham/Haringey.

It seems there are many reasons for this and that, at least in public, a final decision has yet to be made. However, the concept of such a move has upset many, but the collective voice of those supporters has yet to have been expressed.

I understand the club may feel it needs a 'Plan B' alternative, however, as the costs appear to rise, despite receiving planning permission for the 'Northumberland Development Project' it seems the cheaper option of a move becomes ever more real, particularly in view of our tie-up with AEG, who, i quote, 'do not back losers'.

I am one who would prefer to remain at White Hart Lane in Tottenham, as it stands today, rather than move to Stratford chasing the revenue from a larger stadium. Such a move would, for me, destroy Tottenham and all it has stood for the day we leave our home.

We need a larger stadium, but we need it in our home and I for one would rather wait to acheive that, as we have done until now, rather than leave for East London.

I urge anyone who feels the same way to sign this petition, so that we might go to Daniel Levy and the Spurs board with one united voice should the decision ever be taken to leave/

I will leave you with one thought, if you aren't sure how you feel:

Imagine sitting down on a Saturday to watch the greatest London Derby, before you find out there is only one North London club and they play in Red. The advert pops up for the 'East London Derby' a 'grudge match' between Spurs and West Ham. Would football ever really be the same again?

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    Jack Thomas born a Tottenham fan Die a Tottenham fan
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    Keep Spurs in the lane!
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