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Gullajan lived in a small village on Afghanistan with his mum, dad, two brothers and his sister. He did not know life without war.

When he was four, his father was murdered. This meant that Gullajan and his older brother had to work on the farm to sustain it. There was no education, sport or any leisure activities due to the war (constant fighting and bombing).

When his older brother (Wahid-Ullahs) was nineteen, the Taliban attempted to recruit him, but he refused as he didn't want to fight or leave home. A group of men took him away in the middle of the night and returned him a month later on the door-step, dead.

Within the week, the Taliban contacted his mother and told her that they wanted Gullajan. Obviously knowing the consequences of saying no, she immediately paid someone to smuggle him into Britain. After aa awful two-month journey, he arrived here on 24th September 2008 and was handed over to the authorities, who decided that he could stay under asylum laws. He has been attending St. Dunstan's Community School for the majority of this time. He didn't know any English and has taught himself.

Gullajan is happy to answer questions. He says that he 'never felt safe in his country, and that it is a dangerous place to live'. He says that he does not want to go back where there is a real risk that he may be executed by the Taliban. He wants to live here because of the education (he wants to go onto college and university), and the Peace.

The Home Office have told Gullajan that he has to leave once he is eighteen. They have taken no notice to his appeals, regardless of the fact that he is in REAL danger if he returns. Statement from the Home Office:
"The UK adheres to the European Convention on Human Rights, which prevents us sending someone to a country where there is real risk that they will be exposed to torture, or inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment."

Extract from Mrs. Stevenson's (Head Teacher) assembly notes:
"Think was what Gus does for us and our school. He works hard, represents the school in sport, is a model student here and in college (he attends one of the Diploma courses). Has spoken on the schools behalf to people like OFSTED, and Mr Eavis. He now lives with a foster family and it takes him 45 minutes to get here and then home, he comes every day and is often here till late, working hard to improve his English and his grades. He is a Senior Prefect and spends much of his time supporting others.

In a few months Gus is facing his final appeal to stay in this country. I think we need to fight to keep him here. Not the sort of fighting that Gus had to see every day, but a peaceful fight, where we all say how important it is that this young man stays. ... I am making a file of statements that people make saying how important it is that Gus stays here."

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