I am asking everyone to join the group Justice for Brian Terry! He was a marine who fought in the first Iraq War, a Police Officer, and lastly a Bortac Special Forces Border Patrol Agent. He was killed by border bandits on December 14, 2010. Three of the 4 illegals arrested at the scene of his murder have been released from jail on February 15, 2011. The government ATF Division sold the AK-47's that killed Brian out of a Glendale, AZ gun shop of which they are trying to cover it up. CBS World News did a special on the ATF’s Project Gun Runner program exposing how they sold the AK-47’s knowingly to a man who then in turn gave them to Mexico’s drug cartels. Putting the guns in the hands of men who murdered Agent Brian Terry. No Mother or Father should have to Bury A Child! The Terry Family is getting no answers on how their son died and no one has been charged with his murder. ATF Whistle Blowers came forward to let Senator Grassley know that the ATF after being called by the Glendale, AZ Gun shop gave the ok to sell 2 AK-47's to an illegal and those AK-47’s were recovered at the scene where Brian Terry was shot and killed. Brian loved and lived his life serving his country protecting us Americans. So I am asking everyone to FIGHT for Brian Terry to GET the JUSTICE he and his family deserve. If we as American citizens don't fight for justice for the people who give the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms how can we call ourselves proud Americans? How can we say we respect the people who fight everyday for our freedoms if we don’t fight for them? United we stand! So I ask you to support Brian, who supported his country his whole life to protect us and sign this petition to get Justice for Brian and his family! Sign this petition to force the ATF and Homeland Security to answer the questions in an open investigation under oath about Brian Terry’s murder. The government needs to respond and admit their faults in the death of Agent Brian Terry, so no other agents have to die like Brian did. It won't take you more than 2 minutes of your time. Brian sacrificed his life for us I think we can all sacrifice 2 minutes of our time to help the Terry Family get Justice for their son and brother!!!

The American people need to know the truth about Brian Terry's death, with no cover ups. Justice needs to be done for Brian to rest in peace and his family and friends to get closure. So I ask you today, to fight for a true American Hero, Brian Terry, who fought for his country. He served his country and died for his country. He deserves to be honored in the highest regard. So please help get the answers the American people deserve to know. Why are guns being sold that should be destroyed that are now killing our own agents? Who were the guns sold to that killed Brian Terry? Was Brian Terry on the first medical helicopter or not? Did Brian Terry have a weapon besides a gun with rubber bullets? Why were rubber bullets ordered to be shot when the bandits were armed with AK-47’s? Why has no one been charged in his murder? Isn’t that what America is all about… fighting for the people, fighting for what is right and fighting for justice?

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