For eviction notices to be taken as priority by council/housing associations, so evicted applicants are Band B/2 minimum. sign now

A couple, consisting of a man and his seven month pregnant partner, were evicted from their private rented property as the landlord would not make mandatory repairs. In desperation, they applied for housing help through their local housing association. Even though she was pregnant and they presented their eviction notice to the housing association, the couple found themselves in the lowest possible band, D (or band 4, depending where you live).

Nevertheless, they continued to "express interest" on properties. But being bottom band, they never even got a look in. Eventually, their child was born. When their child was 6 weeks old, the housing association moved the couple to band C, which is equally as useless as band D and can take years to win a house and this couple only had 5 weeks. The housing association told the couple that even though they were weeks away from homelessness with a tiny baby, they would not get a property and nearer the date they have to leave, to take their claim to the council.

28 days prior to their eviction date, the couple went to their local council as they were becoming increasingly desperate. The housing department at the council said they would take their claim, and access whether they held a "duty of care" to the couple and their baby, which should only take a few days. 8 days later (3 weeks before homelessness) the couple had heard nothing back, so went to their offices. After an hour and 45minute wait, they were finally seen.

The housing officer told the couple that they would not move to a higher band as, even though they had been evicted, they were "adequately housed".

This negligent behaviour is disgusting. People resort to housing help through desperation and our own system does not care. Some people do not have anywhere else to stay and end up on the dangerous streets. Even with babies or children, the housing system will see people homeless. Sometimes their is temporary accommodation, but this is not open for people with pets. Sometimes, the council tells people to live in a hotel at that persons own expense, which just isn't affordable, nor justifiable.

What we want, is when faced with eviction, people should be in band B minimum. That way, they have a chance to win a property. When people are 28 days away from their eviction date, they should automatically go into band A, therefore being PRIORITY. We aim to take this as far as possible to change this joke they call "banding" when facing eviction. But we need YOUR help! We aim to collect as many signatures as possible to take this case to our local MP and make this change to the banding system.

Sign whether you are private renting, paying mortgage or already in council housing. You never know, one day someone you know or even yourself may need desperate assistance. Help us change this, so no-one, especially defenceless babies or children, has to be faced with this terrifying, distressful scenario again.

I, thank-you for taking the time to read this.


The mother from the couple in the story.

God bless.

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