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We oppose to The Criminal Justice Act (CJA) 1988 types of knife are banned under the Restriction of Offensive Weapons Act (ROWA), 1959, the relevant section of the latter at first being Section 1.

This law is calculated to deprive people of this country the possibility of possession and carrying of knives, machetes and other weapons of all white - which openly support the project initiator.

Currently, for possession of a knife, threatening to 4 years imprisonment.

Possession of bladed weapons, the freedom to wear it and learning it is not wielding a bad thing, but a good, worthy of praise. In traditional societies the right to bear arms was white (and is) an attribute of a free man. In some cantons of Switzerland during the elections and referendums until recently, men were required to put in place votes from a saber at his side. In many countries, melee weapons remains a key element of the national tradition, a symbol of commitment to their own culture, as the Japanese katana, Spanish Navaja, Nepalese kukri knife, dzambija Arabic, Georgian and Turkish dagger. Cold steel is shown even at the national flags of some countries, including Angola (machete) and Saudi Arabia (saber), thus symbolizing their sovereignty, and the other highest good of the nation.

Only in three European countries - Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Poland - the residents do not yet received their freedom to wear sidearms, such as knives or machetes. In fact, in these three countries is still relatively normal regulation and the other countries of Europe should be modeled on them. The fact that the UK is among the group of countries whose citizens are not allowed to freely carry side-arms, can be evaluated only negatively.

Banning carrying of knives is not easy, but difficult to perform the duties of the national institutions. Makes they have many, not important issues, and thus contributes to lowering the efficiency and performance of the Police. Contrary to the assurances of the originators of the project, does not reduce the numbers of crimes and does not increase safety on the streets, as you might expect, the criminals still in use melee weapons, like use of firearms, despite legal restrictions on access to it.

In addition to state institutions burdened without the onslaught of additional, purely bureaucratic steps to ban the carrying of weapons without a permit white makes life difficult for ordinary citizens. Particularly striking members of the martial arts schools, survivals organizations, knights, historical reenactment groups, schools, traditional fencing and other similar associations. With their own free will improve defensive skills, cultivate the military virtues, patriotism and traditions of arms, are so important to the good of our nation. Why are the originators of the project depends, to shut them out?

Knife or machete is a useful tool, not a weapon.

With these considerations in mind, we call on politicians to change Criminal Justice Act 1988 (CJA) and legalization carry knives with a blade longer than three inches.
There is no evidence for the existence of a negative relationship between the ban on possession of a knife - in general or in a public place - a number of cases of aggression, with its use and, in general, aggression with the use of dangerous objects. Establishing a hard ban on the sale, possession and / or possession in public of certain types of knives is clear from a faith-based belief that such a relation exists, sincere - as supported by the natural intuition - or demonstrated of the political calculation. If, however, that even this relation was that, should consider whether the benefits achieved through prohibitions compensate financial and social costs of enforcement and related nuisance.
All residents of the UK are encouraged to support our protest.

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