Article 13 of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union states “the Union and the Member States shall, since animals are sentient beings, pay full regard to the welfare requirements of animals”. The official acknowledgement, referred to therein, carries over the moral obligation torespect the fundamental rights of animals: the protection of those rights must be recognized as a European Union priority and must be guaranteed through the medium of a coherent legal framework at European level. Imposing pain and suffering to sentient and defenceless beings, animal experimentation - or vivisection - is, without a shadow of a doubt, to be considered as an intolerable practice.

Ethical reasons – shared, inter alia, by 86% of European citizens, as indicated in a 2006 Eurobarometer survey – are supported by scientists, claiming a lack of scientific validity in using “animal models” for assessing human health issues; indeed, any statistics prove the efficiency and the reliability of the model referred to therein. Animal experimentation can therefore be considered as:

  • danger for human health and the environment;
  • brake on development of new methods in biomedical research, based on the most recent scientific achievements;
  • an obstacle to tap into much more reliable, exhaustive, cheaper and faster responses, provided by new technologies expressly conceived for humans.

In consideration of the above premises, we, the undersigned European citizens, urge the European Commission to abrogate the directive 2010/63/EU on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes. We therefore call upon the European Commission to present a new proposal geared to doing away with animal experimentation, by the compulsory use - in biomedical and toxicological research - of data specifically conceived for humans and not for animals.


The initiative STOP VIVISECTION was born following vibrant and numerous European citizens' protests against the approval of Directive 2010/63/EU (said on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes). Such a directive did not trigger the abolition of animal experimentation as set forth in the European Treaties, whereby European Union policies must take into account animals' needs and wellness, as sentient beings. Additionally, animal experimentation constitutes a serious danger for human health as animal testing do not have any predictive values for human being and impede development of new methods in biomedical research.


From 1st April 2012, thanks to Citizens' Initiative, European citizens - with 1 million signatures - can take part in legislative decision making process of the European Union. By the means of such a new instrument, the European Commission is compelled to analyse citizens' requests by three month later the introduction of the initiative. The European Commission is therefore in charge to organise a public hearing of the steering committee and subsequently release a communication, explaining how it intends to act.



From 1st April 2012, thanks to Citizens' Initiative, European citizens - with 1 million signatures - can take part in legislative decision making process of the European Union.

  • STOP VIVISECTION gives citizens the opportunity to say NO to animal experimentation and urge the European Union to take into consideration a different scientific approach, geared to protect human beings and animals' rights.
  • Behind STOP VIVISECTION there are neither lobbies nor political parties nor big economic resources, but just a voluntarily and transparently engaged group of people, who believe in citizens' direct participation, beyond any mere forms of  protest.
  • For those reasons, we need any kind of contribution or commitment - from every single citizen, association or committee believing in the cause - in order to gather one million signatures and succeed in campaigning STOP VIVSECTION.

News in evidence

On 22th June the European Commission has registered the citizens' initiative STOP VIVISECTION. Till the 21th June 2013 we have to collect one million of signatures. By now you can create local committee to collect signatures online.



Warrantors' Committee

André Ménache (United Kingdom)

Zoologist and veterinary surgeon, director of Antidote Europe, former President of Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine, André gave his contribution to the Helsinki declaration (milestone in the history of ethic in Research), amending it in favour of the use of substitutive methods. Consultant for Animal Aid, he authored the report "Victims of Charity"


Gianni Tamino (Italy)

Biology Professor, he is also responsible for the specialization course in Bioethics at the University of Padua. He was member of the Italian Parliament (Low Chamber) and the European Parliament where he has been engaged in environment, animals, energy and biotechnologies. He authored several scientific and cultural books and articles; he is the President of Evita scientific committee, dealing with transgenesis and animal experimentation.


Claude Reiss (France)

Physician and cellular biologist, he has been Laboratory Director for 30 years at CNRS of Paris and at Jacques Monod Institute; ancient Biochemistry Professor at University of Lille, he is founder of Antidote Europe, an association predominantly constituted by physicians and researchers, fighting for a responsible, biomedical, safe and scientifically based research.


Ingegerd Elvers (Sweden)

Holding a Master in Molecular Biology and a PhD in Molecular Genetic, she is researcher within the University of Uppsala. Her concentrations are Genetic Predispositions and Breast Cancer Prevention.


Núria Querol i Viñas (Spain)

Specialised in Cellular Biology and Genetics, she is physician within the Academic Hospital Mutua de Terrassa in Barcelona; founder of GEVHA (Group studying violence towards human beings and animals) she is representative in Spain of INTERNICHE, an association acting for development of substitutive methods in teaching medicine, veterinary medicine and biological science.


Daniel Flies (Belgium)

President of Belgian-Dutch for the defence of animals rights ADC-CAV (Coalition antivivisection), whose campaigns leaded, in Leuven, to the closing down of Philip Morris laboratory and in Belgium to the banning of animal experimentation geared to test the effects of cigarettes and tobacco.


Robert Molenaar (Netherland)

Founder of the Belgian-Dutch association for defence of animals rights ADC-CAV; since 2007 he has been out in front the fight against experimentation on primates, whose 85 have already been released.



Organisers committee

Sonia AlfanoSonia Alfano (Italy)

Member of the European Parliament, Chair of the Special Committee on organised crime, corruption and money laundering, all along fighting for the protection of animals' rights and against the approval of Directive 2010/63.



Fabrizia Pratesi de Ferrariis (Italy)

Coordinator of Equivita scientific committee.



Vanna Brocca (Italy)

Coordinator of LEAL Magazine "La voce senza voce" (The voice of those without a voice).



Adriano Varrica (Italy)

Responsible of Mrs. Alfano's parliamentary activity.

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