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We the undersigned believe that religious organizations should not be exempt from taxation on the lands they hold or the donations they collect, or the businesses they run.

Many cults have sprung up for no other purpose than to gain tax exempt status.

Religions have accumulated frightening amounts of land and use that land to generate income. Often this land use is the primary support of many religions not support of the populace. Assets of the Roman Catholic church ALONE exceed those of the top five North american corporations combined and cash donations to churches total tens of billions of dollars every year.

Currently Religions are allowed to hide their assets by not tax reporting.

Tax exemptions are in essence a subsidy for the promotion of superstition and bigotry.

Tax exemptions have never been total or automatic.

More and more churches are entering the political arena support specific legislation and candidates and agendas.

Tax exemption forces non believers to indirectly support religion.

Church lands receive government services such as Fire, Police, Medical emergency services, Hydo and Electric and transportation infrastructure.

Religious workers receive CPP.

Religions have committed numerous historical and current crimes and do not deserve a tax exempt status:
Child abuse/rape
Witch hunts and burnings
rioting over caricatures of Mohamed/god
stoning women to death for adultery
chopping the hands off thieves
displacing and oppressing people
denying non believers medical treatment and other services
pouring money into politics to suppress the rights of gay couples
building compounds and filling them with automatic rifles
lying to children in our educational system
telling women they are not allowed to speak in church
flying planes into buildings
chopping bits off baby penises/clitorises
inculcating shame and guilt in generations of children
ignoring the stewardship of our planet because god could not possibly allow us to mess it up
denying children medical care because disease is gods will
encouraging suicide bombers
telling people they are not allowed to use family planning as it's a sin
legislating death and imprisonment for sexual practices
making women dress up in bag-like tents before allowing them to go outside
dynamiting ancient works of religious art
demanding special privileges
dismantling the social support network
using tax-free income to lobby for politicians in tax-exempt buildings
calling for pogroms and ethnic cleansing
setting critics on fire

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