Please tell Harper, Toews, & Kenny that Langley Father, Jose Figueroa is NOT a terrorist! sign now

Please tell Stephen Harper, Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews and Minister of Immigration Jason Kenny that Langley, Father, Jose Figueroa is NOT a terrorist! 

Jose Figueroa,  came to British Columbia with his wife, to escape political violence in his native El Salvador over 16 years ago. He is a productive well respected member of his Langley BC community. He's married with 3 kids, he works hard, he always paid his own medical bills.

In 2004 after the diagnosis of their son with Autism and government delays,  Jose and his wife's Humanitarian and Compassionate application was approved and they were to remain in peace in Canada.

But in May 2010, out of the blue he's been deemed a "national security threat" for his (non-combat) involvement with a group in El Salvador called the FMLN (Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front) back when he was a university student, 20 years ago.

The Canadian government considers the FMLN an organization that "engaged in terrorist activities."

Even though, during El Salvador's civil war, the FMLN was internationally recognized as a legitimate opposition group. The UN has declared as much.

The UN report on the conflict reported that the government regime at that time was responsible for over 85 percent of the violence and the FMLN only 5 percent [the remaining 10 percent of violence is believed to be by government sponsered death squads].

And guess what?

In 2009 the FMLN won the presidential elections! They now form the internationally recognized legitimate government. The Canadian government even sent over an official for the inauguration of the FMLN member, President, Maricio Funes.

So. Why is Canada still trying to deport him and break up his family? It's a good question that a lot of people are asking, including high profile individuals like politicians, both federal and provincial, experts in Latin America, activists, common citizens - even American actor/activist Martin Sheen.

In October 2010, an offical request was made directly to the government officials responsible that requested Jose's deportation be stopped.  Urgent intervention was requested given that Jose is clearly not a terrorist, and a deportation will break up the family and seperate the three young children from their father.

However,  the Minister of Immigration's delegate recently responded, April 2013, with a negative decision, restating that Jose is inadmissable for his past peaceful, association with the FMLN. 

To fight this most recent decision will cost thousands in legal costs and the family live in fear of the pending deportation.

The fate of Jose and his family is in the hands of  Ministers Toews and Kenney. Please tell the Ministers and Stephen Harper to intervene immediately and stop his deportation and keep this family together.

Surely this terrorism legislation was not intended to be used to deport people who courageously spoke out against terrorist regimes!  Standing up for human rights should not be a reason for deportation! 

Thank you for your support to help keep Jose Figueroa and his family together!


*To learn more about the case and what you can do to help please see or

*special thanks to CBC's George Stroumboulopoulos  from which exerpts of a January 11, 2011 report he wrote about this case are reproduced for this petition.

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