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Residents of Wright Creek Road, Salmon Valley and the greater Prince George area have very serious concerns regarding the Application of the City of Prince George Sewage Sludge (Biosolids) on 117 acres of Farm Land in the Wright Creek area and are strongly opposed to its Application. The Land in this particular Application is a sloped acreage that drains immediately into a riparian area and then into a Fish Bearing Creek one hundred meters from the Application Property. There is a household water well at a depth of nine meters less than 400 meters from the Application Property. There are many Springs within 400 to 700 meters from the Application Property as well as an Artesian Well at a distance of 1000 meters.

There is growing controversy among experts in the fields of Chemistry, Biology, Agronomics, etc. from Canada, the USA, and Europe as to the safety and validity of using Sewage Sludge in Land Application Form. In the US, the National Food Processors Association does not endorse the use of Sewage Sludge on crop land. Companies such as Heinz, Del Monte, Gerber, Campbell Soup, Kraft Foods, General Foods, Dole Foods, and others will not use food that has been fertilized with Sewage Sludge (Biosolids) according to sources on the Internet. The claim that Sewage Sludge is completely safe is contradicted by signage on local Application Properties warning that the public should avoid ingesting plant material from above ground portions of wild edible plants within the Application areas for one and one half years, and should avoid ingesting below ground portions of wild edible plants within the Application area for three years and two months. (Photo of signage from 15 Mile Road / Red Rock area below.)

We are strongly opposed to any addition of the following, all of which are in the proposed sludge application, in addition to many others: PCB’s (Polyclorinated Biphenols), Thallium (rat poison), Lead - 90 lbs will be spread on property, Arsenic - 8 lbs will be spread, Mercury - over 7 lbs, Estrogenic Hormones (amounts above Median Canadian Concentrations), precursors to Testosterone, Androstenedione, and Progesterone, Triclosan (chemically somewhat similar to the dioxin class of compounds, an endocrine disruptor found in many common household products - 25 lbs), Triclocarban (endocrine disruptor that interferes with normal hormonal action - 4 lbs), Nonylphenol and its Ethyloxylates (another endocrine disruptor that causes organisms to develop both male and female organs; decrease testicular growth, the formation of sperm, and testosterone levels in male fish, classified as toxic in Canada - over 200 lbs), Dioxins and Furans (some of the most toxic substances known to Science), Copper - 4000 lbs, Zinc - 1600 lbs. I believe the menace of these toxic and otherwise non life compatible substances that can be found in Sewage Sludge so greatly outweigh the potential nutrient benefit as to make the potential benefit irrelevant. The claim that these heavy metals and toxic substances cannot migrate from the Application Property through leaching, runoff, or become airborne under dry conditions mock the common sense that God has given us.

For the Application proposed on Wright Creek Road, it appears that The City of Prince George, Sylvis (the environmental firm acting for the city), and the Ministry of Environment are not adhering to, nor are they in compliance with the OMRR (Organic Matter Recycling Regulation). I find it reprehensible that the word organic is used in reference to the above substances . e.g. Land Application Guidelines 1. Schedule 10 (Zinc levels both pre and post application exceed the Guidelines) 2. Schedule 10 “Sites that slope directly toward bodies of surface water (Alana Creek in this case) are also a concern. Any surface runoff following a residual (sewage sludge) application could potentially cause pollution of the water body. The potential for surface runoff and subsurface leaching loss increases with increasing slope angle and length.” The regulation is full of cautions regarding potential water contamination. 3. Copper levels exceed OMRR for Class B Biosolids. A 15 year old waste water permit PE-00146, is used to circumvent the OMRR.

This application does not adhere to, nor is it in compliance with, The Canadian Soil Quality Guidelines for the Protection of Environmental and Human Health with regards to Dioxin and Furans. From the Guidelines: “The Soil Quality Guidelines are not “pollute up to” levels for the environment, and were not developed for the purpose of determining acceptable levels of dioxins and furans in soil resulting from the application of sludge.” Also not adhered to are the BC Environmental Farm Plan Guidelines as the Copper levels exceed that which is safe for sheep. Some of these toxic substances bioaccumulate in livestock, wildlife and even Human Beings, meaning it stays in their bodies for life.

We, the Residents of the Area, along with over 800 petition signees and the online signees below, strongly request and urge that you would put a stop to the Application of Sewage Sludge (Biosolids) on Farm Land in our area.

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