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Dear Hon’beSir/Madam: 


If you want peace work for justice


Please help to restore democracy, people’s fundamental and constitutional rights in Bangladesh

We think democracy should take its own course. The political situation which prevails now in Bangladesh, whatsoever it may be called but not democracy, so far as functional democracy is concerned.  Bangladesh is a secular small over populated developing country in South Asia. Since the 2009, the present unelected, fascist, corrupt Government have arbitrarily arrested and detained critics, and instituted heavy censorship. In Bangladesh, the law enforcement member, member of ruling party doing extra judicial torture and punishments to the social activists, member of other political


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parity, innocent peoples has been facing a government campaign of harassment since 2009. Authorities continue to arrest, kidnapped and detain human rights defenders, opposition activist, journalists, and labour leaders, particularly when they take part in any form of public protest.

Towards the end of her last term, Sk. Hasina amended the constitution to remain in power for indefinitely. Sk. Hasina had come to state power without the consent of people.

Sk. Hasina come to the power 2nd term on January 5th, 2014; in a farce election in which 154 Member of parliament was elected without any vote which was over 50% out of 300 MPs. Those MPs were elected without having a single vote.

As you knew that on 05th January, 2014 in Bangladesh there were one sided non-participatory parliamentary election held by the ruling party, The election did not credibly express the will of the Bangladeshi people, over half of the 300 members of parliament were elected unopposed, and most of the rest faced only token opposition.


The current government has continually failed to uphold the rule of law and has encroached on the independence of the judiciary. The courts themselves have often failed to uphold basic rights, such as using broadly defined contempt provisions to limit freedom of expression and silence the media. Members of the ruling party has been doing all kinds of illegal and corruption by graved others assets and putting in their own.


Recently during the city election rally held on April 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th, 2015, Chaos was evoked and tragic ending followed. The leader of the opposition party Khaleda Zia and three times ex Prime Minister Khaleda Zia was targeted abruptly in an inhuman and ferocious way. The ruling government party’s supporters, activists with also the help of law enforcement agencies, attacked with sticks, rods, ammunitions and other weapons during broad daylight. Innocent people and the ex prime minister’s’ guard were severely injured trying to protect their leader Khaleda Zia. Bloodshed and tears ravaged through the crowd. In addition, shots were fired on the ex prime minister’s car trying to attempt a killing. Her bodyguards were injured massively and blood tainted on their face and body. It was a horrific event.

During the April 28th, 2015 City Corporation election which were being held for two city corporation posts in Dhaka, the capital, and one in the port city of Chittagong, with a total of 6 million eligible voters, an unspeakable electoral fraud occurred where an illegal interference with the process of an election had taken place by the current party in power.



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The public had wanted to participate in the city polls to restore democracy. But vote rigging has already proved that restoring democracy is not possible under this government. The ruling party is voting for themselves by capturing polling centers. To add to this, the polls were opened and closed within barely an hour between 8 am and 9am in the morning which only captured voter turnout to be barely 5 percent.

On top of this, pre-printed vote shares in favour of the current party where stamped and counted. This process manipulated to steer the outcome and depress the vote share of the opposition’s party. Many voters were told that they have already voted and needed to leave the premises. This was an illegal and unjust action that baffled the public.


Recently unelected Govt. again changed constitution and passed law in parliament without any discussion with other party from now local government election will be held under umbrella of political parties but before it was participated by local peoples supporter not any involvement of political party, because it creates conflict and violation in remote areas, which now going on in Bangladesh post election violation every day going on and many people forcefully disappearing from home fear of injury by ruling party worker.

This year 2016 in Bangladesh there were five election held Upazilla, Municipal and Union Parishad (local Govt.) election, even all political parties opposed the measures taken by government and election commission( doubt about credibility, free and fair election) is not sufficient for the voters,  all these election  even all opposition parties  and civil society complaining that in collision with ‘administration’, “ruling party activists, supporters” and ‘law enforcers’ grabbed polling centres in almost all the union parishad ousting opposition allegations of attack, grabbing of polling centres, ouster of polling agents and stuffing ballot boxes for the ruling party chairman candidates.


 Also claim the incumbent Election Commission for such miserable state of elections as commission did not exercise its constitutional responsibilities and power only to save their jobs, commission remained silent about incidents of election violence, anarchy and terrorism, alleged that the commission was implementing the government’s ‘evil design’. some people of civil society were still saying BNP had made mistake by not participating in the last general election. still would ask why BNP was participating in the polls, The ruling party’s ‘armed goons’ unleashed violence with the help of police, RAB and BGB in the areas. In these brutal election violence till now about eighty peoples has been killead and more than five thousand peoples severly injured, chotic situation now happening whole rural and urban areas. Also at present many open minded thinkers killed and disappeared by the support of Govt. Peoples are fear to say anything against govt. Govt intentionally dragging country to a fail sate.





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Peoples accused administration and the Election Commission of defending the ruling Awami League’s violence for manipulating results in Upazilla and Union Parisahad /municipal polls. BAL(Bangladesh Awami League) activists and law enforcers were threatening opposition activists raiding their houses to leave their respective localities and creating panic to discourage voters from going to polling centres. Narrating incidents of attacks on opposition candidates and their supporters and their arrests, ruling party was holding the partisan upazilla, municipal, union parishad polls to politicise administration at grassroots level to turn Bangladesh into ‘Awami Nazi’ state. ‘ill-motivated’ appointing returning officers from public administration, returning officers did not want to go by the instruction of the constitution but listened to ministers and lawmakers as their promotion, transfer and posting depended on ruling party. 


The action by the law enforcement agency fuelled international accusations of violations

Of  the concept of proportionality, of international principles on crowd dispersal and of the UN Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement agencies.



Present Government openly saying that they do not care what international community is advising about people’s rights in Bangladesh, they are taking advantages of illegal power, regularly abusing rule of law and constitution of Bangladesh. Their attitude likes Narco or Mafia type politics.


We remind you that the ruling government denied people’s rights and voice, they also violated the Bangladesh constitution Article 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 44 states to promote respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, thoughts, beliefs or religion all these charters are working. People’s rights under Articles International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Adopted and opened for signature, ratification and accession by General Assembly resolution 2200A (XXI) of 16 December 1966 entry into force 23 March 1976, in accordance with Article 49, --UN General Assembly, Declaration on the Right and Responsibility of Individuals, Groups and Organs of Society to Promote and Protect Universally Recognized Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms: resolution / adopted by the General Assembly, 8 March 1999, A/RES/53/144,  7, 9 and 14 of the ICCPR, which concern respectively their right to be free from torture and ill-treat.

But, it fails to follow international charter of human rights and constitution of



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Bangladesh. Lack of enforcement and monitoring mechanisms also neglected the implementation of human rights in Bangladesh; under Articles everyone has the right to freedom of movement, assembly, expression, thought, beliefs and speech, fundamental rights including the right to seek, to receive, and to impart information

The world community must condemn the actions, and cannot allow the present Bangladesh Government to hide under ‘Internal Affairs’ excuses.


 join, campaign, support the innocent peoples of Bangladesh to restore their rights, they seeking your assistance for the following action:

•- Lifting autocratic state policy immediately must be the first step;


• -Political tension in Bangladesh would ease by start immediate political dialogue, restore care taker government to conduct free fare election, roadmap for a new election within 2016, under UN or neutral care taker government;                   

• -Climate of fear, intimidation, and repression must stop;

-proved social security for all equally;


•- The government must stop arresting other member of thoughts, People in all districts inside and outside Dhaka and must release all those who have been arrested earlier.

•- Allow Freedom of speech, expression, association and the Press;



• -Any Truth-and-Reconciliation Commissions must be independent. I believe involvement by International community will create credibility to any commissions;



•- Free all Political Prisoners. Conduct an independent investigation and prosecution, as appropriate, of any officials who have been accused of carrying out activities to restrict the right to freedom of expression or threatening, harassing, or committing violence against human rights defenders.




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*-Revise the constitution and laws to ensure that the rights of individuals and organizations to defend and promote human rights are protected, including the right to peacefully criticize and protest government policies,



*-Uphold the fundamental right to an independent judiciary and public prosecution, and desist from taking any actions that undermine those principles;  


*-Formulate policies that will lead to the implementation of reforms to protect judicial independence from interference by the government and the military.



*-Initiate a process of revising the constitution to ensure that rights and freedoms are protected at all times, including during emergency situations in accordance with international law;



*-Specifically remove exemptions on the rights to freedom of expression, assembly, and association;


*-Bring the constitution, alongside all other national laws, into line with the standards set forth in international human rights law, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights.



The current crisis in Bangladesh is political and constitutional. Responsibility for this crisis sits squarely with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the leader of the Awami League party, and its associates, Because of BAL‘s determination  to keep power for prolong period of time or hang on to power by any means.


So, Bangladeshi peoples called for adopting a ‘Bangladesh Resolution’ on holding a free, fair and transparent Parliamentary election as soon as possible under non-party government, and restore peoples civil, fundamental and constitutional rights. Since ruling government has no right to administer the country as they snatched out the people’s voting power and murderer of democracy.


They expressed surely we live in a global village and for such, deterioration of human rights; security and failure of democratic institutions in Bangladesh constitute a global

threat.  We fervently expect all international Government, organization; community and




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civil society should not turn eyes on these situations and become proactive by expressing its concern in a formal way through its Parliament as a major development partner to Bangladesh.


With these words, we want for earliest kind attention to this matter. 


We look forward to work together to restore people’s fundamental and constitutional rights in Bangladesh.


On behalf of Bangladeshi Canadian Community:


Sincerely yours.





M. Mominul Haque


Peace And Justice Alliance

One Firvalley Court, Apt # 406

Toronto, ON

M1L 1N8


Tel : 647-351-6701(H), 647-764-2880(C)

Email :

 Twitter @ peace and justice

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