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Dear Honourable Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper

I am writing to you as a concerned RCMP employee as well as a recent MA graduate of the Immigration and Settlement Program at Ryerson University. Seeing as how the recent government cuts have affected me personally and many of my colleagues, I am writing to you in hopes that some of my concerns will shed light on why some of the recent governmental policies are deeply troubled.

To begin, as I have already mentioned, I am a recent graduate of Ryerson University as well as of University of Western Ontario and thus respectively have a lot of student loans that I need to manage. My total student debt is approximately $26,000 and seeing as how my job is in jeopardy, I find it very difficult to manage and sustain tolerable living conditions. Currently the unemployment rate for the city that I live in, London, Ontario is approximately eleven percent, thus adding further stress of the lack of ability to find suitable career paths as well as any other job opportunities. What makes this situation even more difficult for me and many more like me is the fact that to find a job opportunity one needs to have sufficient job experience but it’s impossible to gain any of the experience when no one is willing to hire you after graduation, sort of a catch twenty-two if you will.

Furthermore, as a current RCMP Temporary Civilian Member, the recent cuts to our department have reduced the number of projects while putting many at risk of losing their positions. So far the RCMP faces $195.2 million in cuts over three years to its current $2.6-billion budget. According to Politics Canada, The RCMP will be "pursuing administrative and operational support efficiencies, with minimal impacts on direct policing operations," the budget says. However, the crime in London is still at a reasonably high rate. According to the local London Police Force, there was an increase in homicides, robbery, break and enter, and prostitution within the last year. Perhaps the best way of solving this situation is by hiring more Criminal Intelligence Analysts rather than reducing the size of the department and jeopardizing many of the investigations.

To be fair, I understand that the current government needed to take some drastic measures in order to reduce the country’s deficit but then again I believe it’s hard to do so when many are unemployed, struggling with debt repayments and unable to meet the basic standard of living. Perhaps one way of balancing the field is also to consider a reduction of salary for the parliament officials. As of today, all members of Parliament make a basic salary of $157, 731, when in comparison a regular member of the RCMP only receives $48, 946. As you can see there is a huge discrepancy. I also believe that by narrowing this gap and working on helping many find employment, the Conservatives will create a bigger support group come the next Federal election.

In addition, according to the Vancouver Sun, it is hard to believe that 19,000 public service positions will be cut within the next three years. They include 715 people at Health Canada, 689 people at the Department of Agriculture, 483 at the Public Health Agency of Canada, 339 at Citizenship and Immigration — and a staggering 1,137 people at the Canada Border Services Agency. Citizenship and Immigration Canada will dramatically transform even though there is a growing number of immigration applications.

Therefore, in support of job creation and retention, please find a petition attached to this letter as a strong indication of how important it is to build bridges and help the new generation as well as the old one retain and acquire job positions.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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