On May 26th, 2015 an Edmonton school bus driver was physically assaulted by a student on his school bus. The driver then proceeded to remove the student from the bus in order to keep himself and the other students safe from the possibility of further violence on the bus. This was captured on video from a camera that was mounted on the dash of the school bus (the driver owned the camera and placed it their himself). As well the video captured another student jumping on another student that was sitting in a seat across from the driver. Their was a huge outcry from the public due to fact that before this camera footage was applied the school board called for the firing of the school bus driver. A student on the bus used his cell phone to capture video of the bus driver removing the student from the bus, and this was the information that the school division used to base their desire to see the driver fired. NEED TO HAVE SURVEILANCE CAMERAS ON BUSSES If not for the fact that the driver of the bus had his own camera installed in the bus, he would have lost his job! The school division didn't make an effort to find out what the reasons where for his decision to remove the student, rather they just demanded he be fired. By placing cameras on every bus in the province not only would the drivers be protected but the students on the bus would be also. If the driver or a student was having issues with passengers it would be simple to look at video footage to see what has happened and appropriate action could be taken. There would be no he said-she said, it would be in black and white! Nothing to argue about!!! THE YUKON HAS SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS - Policy No. 5003 The Department of Education in the Yukon passed a policy on August 24th, 2015 that all school busses will have surveillance cameras, the entire document can be found at: ONTARIO IS PUTTING FORTH POLICY TO REGULATE THE USE OF SURVEILLANCE ON SCHOOL BUSSES - July 2009 - The province of Alberta needs to take similar action that would protect students and staff from future incidences as well as deterring these students and staff from committing violent acts while being transported to and from schools. HELP KEEP OUR KIDS SAFE! The second part of this petition is addressing the need for a more substantial punishments for students that are involved in violent acts while they are being transported. Currently when these incidents happen students are banned from the bus for approximately three days and this is decided by the school principle, the bus driver has no control over this at all. THREE DAYS!!! This is not enough! A child that feels it is ok to hit a driver and younger students is not safe to have on a school bus! There are students that are committing crimes that fall under the Criminal Code of Canada/Youth Criminal Justice Act. In these incidences these students should not be allowed to be on a school bus for the remainder of the year. If a driver was to physically assault a student they would be charged and they would be fired! WHY SHOULD STUDENTS BE ANY DIFFERENT! There needs to be a blanket policy across the province to keep our drivers and students safe from the risks that come from violence on a school bus!!!! NO CLEAR POLICIES IN ALBERTA Through all my digging I have not found a clear and concise policy within the transportation policies under Alberta Education that clearly states what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour for students is on a bus, and what drivers are allowed to do. There are no clear policies on what the punishments are to be for students when they assault another student or the driver AND THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE! SIGN THIS POLICY-it will be going to the Alberta Minister of Education to put pressure on the different school divisions across the province to make changes that will keep our students and staff safe when being transported to and from school!

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