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Since the 1980's, My Little Pony has been a staple of fun and fantasy for 8-12 year old girls everywhere. 
There have been many a television series for this popular line of toys, and none have been more successful than Lauren Faust's Friendship is Magic, which aired on The Hub, an American tv network, in 2011. 

FiM is somewhat darker and mature than its predecessors, the tone being almost identical to 1986's My Little Pony: The Movie. Both works have the main ponies keeping their land safe from wicked and evil villains whom want to cause destruction or misery for their own personal gain.

The show also deals with many messages and lessons to teach children, such as being able to make time for others, and to not get so over-worked or sleep-deprived, among many others.
The characters are diverse and developed, the plots of each episode are simple yet entertaining, and the writing and animation is a fresh treat for the eyes and ears when it comes to a kid's show.

Since 2011, four seasons of Friendship is Magic have been aired on The Hub, with a fifth one being planned for next year. 

For us Canadians however, especially those without Internet, our only way to watch FiM is on a channel by the name of Treehouse TV. 

Treehouse TV is a channel aimed at preschoolers, specifically 1-4 year olds. It airs bright and colorful shows such as Dora The ExplorerMy Big Big Friend, and Toopy and Binoo
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic sticks out like a sore thumb in terms of writing and character development, as well as being aimed at a generally older audience. 

It's unsure if Treehouse TV actually knows this, as they continue airing it after plenty of episodes, some of which were altered and edited to be more appropriate for the channel's younger demographic. 

One episode in particular, Party Of One, is famous for a scene in which one of the ponies, Pinkie Pie, is talking with inanimate objects instead of her flesh-and-blood friends. 
Pinkie is upset that her friends didn't come to one of her many parties, when, unbeknownst to her, they were throwing together a surprise birthday party for the pink pony. 
One of the inanimate objects, Rocky, states that Pinkie's friends were losers because they weren't taking time out of their (busy) schedule to spend time with her.

The word 'losers' was muted when the episode aired in Canada, making it seem as though a much harser word had been said. This has also happened in episodes such as Boast BustersThe Return of Harmony: Part 2, and others. 
Some episodes, like Griffon The Brush Off, which depicted scenes of bullying and name-calling, weren't aired at all, and haven't been aired since. 

Some parents have even said that their little ones are frightened of the show. With vengeful villains, eerie forests and, at times, dark magic, it comes as no surprise that a two-year old wouldn't enjoy this colorful romp of tiny magical equines.

Despite all of this, Treehouse TV still airs the show, their horrendous, cavity-inducing commercials treating it like every other preschooler-friendly program.

Although I'm not a huge fan of it, I want to let you all know that I DO NOT hate Friendship is Magic. I don't think it is an awful show by any means - quite the opposite. 

I hate the Canadian channel it is on. I hate how it is so BLIND to think a show aimed at ten year old girls (and sometimes boys) would be appropriate for a preschooler. It's like if you sat your 3-year old down to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender instead of Barney, or Yu-Gi-Oh! instead of Hello Kitty.

Another channel intended for older kids, such as YTV or Teletoon, would be a much better place to air FiM. They could air it on Saturday mornings 8am MST!

If your daughter or son wants to watch something intended for their older brother or sister, if it's appropriate, watch it with them. If they're confused, explain what's happening on the screen. Use small vocabulary, make sure they understand. Tell them why it's right or why it's wrong to do something. Converse with them, and be a good parent. :)

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