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PETITION To: The House Of Commons In Parliament Assembled

We, the following signatories, residents of Canada, draw the attention of the House to the following:

That, we are either aware of Canadians who are, or are Canadians who are the victims of an insidious crime.

This crime consists of but is not limited to both covert and overt harassment as well as malicious persecution, by covert organized groups which appear to be networked, and in a variety of forms such as:

1. Character assassination and smear campaigns both personally and professionally.
2. Work place mobbing, bullying and harassment often leading to the destruction of one’s career and the inability to find employment of any kind.
3. Invasion of privacy, including surreptitious home break-ins, theft, as well as illegal access to and tampering of government, corporate, banking, medical and other personal and confidential data often leading to further victimization such as identity theft, impersonation, frame-ups, withdrawal of professional services, as well as malicious and false complaints based on the misrepresentation of such confidential data to official sources.
4. Vandalism, theft, tampering with and illegal access to personal property such as computers, mail, email, purses, vehicles, food and drink, etc.
5. Physical assault including sexual assault.
6. Psychological abuse using various techniques like gaslighting, street theatre, noise harassment (social and electronic) and disinformation campaigns, etc.
7. Illegal, non-consensual, medical interference and experimentation.

The numerous criminal acts that we are subjected to regularly, as described above, often occur to such an extreme degree that they result in physical and psychological trauma as well as complete social isolation. They can lead to withdrawal of social and professional services and constitute a form of psychological and/or physical torture. Such trauma, in many cases, could become permanent due to the inaction of those entrusted with protecting ordinary Canadian Citizens from such crimes.

The Canadian Charter of Rights guarantees us many freedoms and rights which are being denied to us as a direct result of this malicious persecution and harassment. These rights and freedoms are also effectively being denied to us by the state when the appropriate bodies refuse to investigate these crimes or when professionals refuse to provide us with the required services (directly or indirectly) so that we can both investigate and take action in the Justice System against these crimes, on our own.

This is the crime of Organized Stalking.

Therefore, we, the signatories of this petition and residents of Canada, call upon the House to commence an immediate Investigation by convening a Public Inquiry into the crime of Organized Stalking for the purpose of making Recommendations to our legislators to draft appropriate legislation to deal with the specific and unique nature of this crime. The Canadian victims of this crime request inclusion in the process as consultants in order to contribute to the Recommendations, and because we are direct stakeholders in the outcome of such an Inquiry.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent and distressing matter.


Canadian Victims Of Organized Stalking

Please include your email address in the Comments section so that the petition can be mailed to you for a signature. The House is not required to respond to Online Petitions but is required to respond to Written Petitions which have a minimum of 25 valid signatures by Canadian Residents.

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  • 08 May 20146. THERESA KUHN
    I am a victim of organized stalking.
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  • 16 October 20111. louis george
    Group stalking is 4 cowards and are hate groups.

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