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Hi! My name is Steven Mayers (aka Odion Fayalo) and I created this petition to make some real changes at Liberty Entertainment Group & Ink Entertainment properties and venues and in the Toronto entertainment industry on the whole. I was denied a security officer job at Spice Route Asian Bistro and Bar (Liberty venue) in July 2011 because I was a young black man that was attempting to work at a competitive position at an upscale establishment.

I am deeply concerned about those that have experienced employment discrimination in the Toronto entertainment industry.

I applied for a security officer job at Spice Route Asian Bistro and Bar on Tuesday, April 26, 2011, in response to an online advertisement on Craigslist.

On Thursday, April 28, 2011, Rafael greeted me and commenced to give me a tour of the restaurant, showing different locations of the venue and explaining all the while how I would work particular posts, especially the patio. He introduced me to kitchen staff at the restaurant and stated numerous times where I would be working, and explained in further detail how to deal with different scenarios as they came up from time-to-time.

Near the end of the tour, a general manager walked in the restaurant and Rafael pointed to him stating that he would have to square everything up with him and that he would be able to give me an exact start date.

He asked if I was available to work the same weekend. I said yes. He then asked me if I currently had a job, at which I stated that I did. Rafael stated to me that he wanted to make sure that I transition smoothly out of my current job at the time before I commenced working at Spice Route, and that he would contact me in an adequate amount of time so that I could give my employer notice of departure. He mentioned that he knew how it felt for staff to leave on him without proper notice and this is why he requested to the management at the restaurant that they raise the wage to $20 per hour, in order to retain talent.

I contacted Rafael through email on May 5, 2011 stating that the best way for him to contact me was through my University of Toronto email address considering I had moved. He replied to my email message by stating that he was just working out a day to start me and that he would contact me in due time with a respective date. The rationale he used for the delay was that the weather was not satisfactory (the job advertisement stated that the position was for patio season).

I contacted Rafael at the restaurant in June 2011 considering it had been about a month since we had last spoken, and he had not given me a start date as of yet. He stated to me that he could not justify to the general manager having another guard in addition to the three already, but he assured me that I still had the job. In fact, he stated, "don't worry, you still have the job." He even mentioned that he would try to bring me in on alternate weekends in order to earn more money until the weather got beautiful, and then I could start fully.

In response to my email to Rafael on July 7, 2011 which highlighted my concerns over the job, he sent an email back stating that:

(1) He specified the steps the restaurant took in hiring security guards;

(2) There was no mobile number for him to contact me on.

In regards to (1), he did not go over any steps at all in regards to hiring. This is a false statement. And, in regards to (2) my home number and email address were at the top of my resume, which he knew already. He insisted that I no longer contact him on his mobile, which he gave to me or at the restaurant anymore.

I was led to believe that I had gotten the job because Rafael could not offer any valid reason not to consider hiring me. I produced a photocopy of my security license and gave him my resume with all necessary contact information.

He did not hire me because I was a young, black man that was applying for a very competitive position at an upscale establishment. I was not the right fit for the restaurant, as the representatives stated at a settlement conference, in regards to this matter. They (Vito Ferrone & Rafael Torres) stated on Thursday, February 9, 2012 that they would have never even considered hiring me.

I qualified for the position and was led to believe that I had the job. He could not say that I did not fit the establishment, so he decided to string me along throughout the interview and after.


(1) Those who have been discriminated against by employers in Toronto's entertainment industry which include but is not limited to Liberty Entertainment and Ink Entertainment with respect to employment because of race, colour and age must be made whole for the psychological damages inflicted upon them.

(2) Liberty Entertainment and Ink Entertainment, and all other venues in Toronto's entertainment industry must implement proactive employment policies that adhere to the Ontario Human Rights Code, with respect to employment. The purpose of which is to prevent employment discrimination based upon:

1. race
2. ancestry
3. place of origin
4. colour
5. ethnic origin
6. citizenship
7. creed (religion)
8. sex (including pregnancy and gender identity)
9. sexual orientation
10. disability
11. age (18 and over)
12. marital status (including same sex partners)
13. family status
14. record of offences (in employment only).


Liberty Entertainment Group o/a 1273251 Ontario Ltd.
Spice Route Asian Bistro and Bar o/a 1733346 Ontario Inc.
Ink Entertainment o/a 1672353 Ontario Inc.


Boycott all of their properties & venues! Spread the word! Tell your family, colleagues & friends!

Liberty Entertainment Group Venues
- Liberty Grand
- Rosewater
- Rosewater Room
- Spice Route
- Ciao Wine Bar
- C Lounge
- Courthouse
- Tattoo Rock Parlour
- Phoenix Concert Theatre
- Velvet Underground
- Harbourfront

Ink Entertainment Properties
- Guvernment
- Bisha Hotel & Residences
- Tattoo Rock Parlour
- Coral Gables Country Club
- Push Creative Management
- Koolhaus
- Dragon Fly
- Spice Route
- Cube
- This is London MCMXCIX
- La Societe

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