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There are approximately 5000 Kenyans in West Australia. For several years an organisation known as Kenyan Community in West Australia (KCWA) has claimed to represent them.


This is not true. KCWA had less than 20 members before December 2012. The Government of WA and the Kenyan government have both been duped into believing that KCWA speaks for the Kenyan Community.


To remain legitimate, this body is required to hold regular elections. The problem they had was having an election with only 20 people (12 being officials) was bound to raise questions.


In December 2012, this organisation mislead the public into believing that they could become fully-fledged members by paying a $30 fee. The misinformation was provided to the public both verbally and via email. Members of the public signed up in good faith because they saw an opportunity to connect with the community of a similar cultural background.


Please note that KCWA purposely refused to provide its own constitution when requested citing a technical glitch on their website as an excuse. Once several members of the public had signed up, they did hold elections but it was soon clear that these elections were a sham.


KCWA has itself admitted publicly that the elections did not meet the standard required by law. One of the many irregularities was that the candidates were the ones doing the counting of the votes. Overseeing this process was the KCWA board whose tenure would consequently be confirmed and extended by the committee they had helped elect.


Several members of the public have since raised objections to the election process and not the result. They have requested several times that KCWA repeat the elections, this time following the law as stipulated in the incorporations act. The law as it stands calls for the annulment of the elections.


KCWA in response has tried to intimidate the members by threatening libel action, labelling them a tribal clique, calling them unprintable names, censoring them online and finally by claiming that they were never members in the first place. KCWA has never addressed the issues raised about the sham election.


This petition is directed at KCWA and calls for the entire committee and board to resign so that fresh and legitimate elections may be held. The impunity and disregard for due process that they have shown is ruining the Kenyan name both within and outside Kenya. We must act is because reputable bodies including the Australian government believe when they deal with KCWA, they are dealing with a genuine representative of the community. The risk is they could form an opinion of all Kenyans based on the misconduct of a few.


A petition to the government to de-register this organisation is under consideration but we believe in first offering KCWA a chance to clean its own house. You are all encouraged to find out KCWA's version of events in all this. Their website is . and their contact email is


Please spread the word and sign this petition to let KCWA know that the world is not ignorant to what they are doing. Click here to join the petition and we will keep you updated.


Concerned Kenyans in West Australia


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